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Westwood is Bestwood (and an accommodation overview)

For prospective students, it’s the time of year to start thinking about accommodation and filling out the Warwick Accommodation application form. There are many different accommodation options that cover a range of different prices, let lengths, locations and facilities. Here’s a rundown of the on campus accommodation that I know fairly well; I’ll keep it short and sweet, because let’s face it, there are so many blog posts and web pages about the halls of residences on the Warwick Accommodation site, so I recommend you have a read around before you decide properly!


As you might have gathered from the title, Westwood, in my opinion, is the best kept secret of Warwick on campus accommodation (though I am a little biased having lived in Westwood this year!) Let me explain; we are surrounded by some lovely green spaces (as we are a little bit of a walk away from central campus), are right by the student post room, have a common room and laundrette within each of the blocks, have massive rooms and nice big windows to let lots of light in, are ridiculously close to Tesco (11pm trips to Tesco for Ben and Jerry’s take under 10 minutes there and back)…Need I go on?? If you end up living in Westwood, you will have to get used to lots of jokes about the journey to campus, but you’ll have the last laugh when everyone else has to trek to Tesco! Also, if you do Maths, there is a fab shortcut from Westwood to the Maths department which means it can take under ten minutes to get to lectures in the morning.



Sherbourne is also situated a bit further out from central campus, but in the opposite direction to Westwood. At the time of writing, it is the newest halls of residences, and has ensuite rooms and lovely large kitchens. It is also very close to some netball and tennis courts, and like Westwood, feels a bit more rural, especially as it is near to the lake in the middle of Lakeside and Heronbank! It’s worth noting though that there are many geese around the area. Most people are cool with them, and they don’t cause any problems, but if like me, you get slightly nervous when a whole flock of geese are blocking the path and appear to be plotting to take over the university (or is that just me?!), it’s worth knowing before you come to Sherbourne!


Tocil is in an ideal location on campus, being situated right behind the sports centre, and within spitting distance of the SU and piazza. My friend Katy has lived in Tocil this year, and told me from her experience it is only 2 minutes from the Maths building and 4 minutes from the Physics building! As Tocil is organised in blocks with around 6 flats within each block, there is a great “flat family” atmosphere to the kitchens, especially as you don’t have any random people walking down the corridors late at night. This also means that, for Katy at least, noise is not really an issue. Katy also said that she has really enjoyed her time at Tocil, and hope that people aren’t put off by the shared bathroom facilities, as the location and friendly atmosphere more than make up for it!


Tocil bedroom

The Warwick Accommodation application form that I mentioned earlier is where you chose and rank a few halls of residences that you would like to live in next year. The form is fairly straightforward to fill in, but I just wanted to draw your attention to the “bit about me section” of the form. This is your chance to tell Warwick Accommodation things like what sort of person you are (sociable, introverted, party-lover, hard worker or some combination of all of them), what time you typically go to bed, whether you are clean and tidy, what you want to get involved in at university etc. Once students have been randomly allocated a hall of residence, Warwick Accommodation try and put similar people together in kitchens and flats. Of course, the process is not perfect, and not everyone gets on with everyone that they live with, but for me it worked out really well!

Don’t get too bogged down with choosing accommodation though- of course make an informed decision but it isn’t the end of the world if you don’t get your first preference. Westwood was my third choice but I really couldn’t have been happier here! What makes your accommodation the best is the people you live with, and that is organised in part with the biography section of the application, not which accommodation you are in!

For more information, check out the other student blogs, the Warwick Accommodation website or drop me a comment!

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