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Welcome Week: Socially Distant Edition

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Freshers this year is looking decidedly different to normal. Club nights have been suspended, parties are off-limits, and it appears like it will be a quiet one for all involved… But it doesn’t have to be! Don’t let Corona get you down, as there are plenty of ways to start socialising at university without breaking the government guidelines and posing a risk to yourselves!

This year the SU has worked hard to bring a line-up of virtual freshers events that can be found here:


This includes everything from quizzes, to virtual escape rooms, to an online beer festival! All these events are safe and sociable, and are a great way to start getting involved in campus life from the comfort of your kitchen.

Another great way to kickstart your uni social life is to jump in with some societies. Warwick has a great variety of clubs and groups to get involved with, and many of them are doing online events and inductions to give you a feel and help you start making friends:


There is something for everyone, and it’s a great way to start feeling a part of the Warwick community in a safe and responsible way.

It’s also definitely worth getting involved in some accommodation group chats. Although you can’t invite everyone over to your flat for a few drinking games, even this can be done virtually! Over the summer my friends held a virtual drinking quiz that went down really well, so get your kitchen bubble in on it and start organising! You can do drinking games, quizzes, and even meals with other flats, all within the safety of your own bubble. If you’re stuck for ideas, check out these suggestions:


Freshers has always come with the ‘stay safe’ slogan, but this year it’s more important than ever! However, safe doesn’t have to mean boring, and with the resources at your fingertips and the efforts of the societies and the SU, freshers will be just as fun as normal- it is what you make of it!


Rebecca Preedy | Ancient History and Classical Archaeology with Study in Europe Contact Rebecca

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