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Welcome to Warwick Helper Experience

I am writing this one just as I finished eating my omelette sausage cheese burger sandwich. Some of you may be guessing how did it all fit in one bread? I will say Uni Life! Sometimes, you do have to make weird combinations to make the most out of available grocery.

However, food struggle is not our topic for today. This blog serves the purpose of reminiscing the ‘Welcome to Warwick’ week that I volunteered in last month. I am not exactly sure whether to even call it volunteering role as it was quite competitive to get in.

Giving an overview, ‘Welcome to Warwick’ week in another words is an Orientation Week for students coming to Warwick from outside the UK. It was previously termed as Orientation but renamed to ‘Welcome to Warwick’ this year. This week is run by the University to facilitate the process of settling in UK for new students and make their immediate arrival a cheerful occurrence! This week was full of events and the attendees could sign up for those events they liked. Typical events included Airport Pickups, Campus Tours, Introduction to Bank Accounts and Coventry Day trips.

These large events did not set up themselves though. A sudden influx of hundreds of new students on campus had to be answered as well. Hence, this is where we (the red hoodies) stepped in! The organizers of W2W recruited student volunteers to help run this program. We were thirteen teams of six. All of the helpers selected were either 2nd or 3rd year Warwick Students.

If I had one word to describe volunteering in W2W: it would be MEMORABLE! Luckily, the team of helpers I worked was an amazing and fun loving group. After a hectic day of duties, we would unwind together in Terrace Bar, Copper Rooms or even participated in a Karaoke session once (picture attached)! The best part was that not only we had fun together, there were new students as well who joined the events and which provided me with a chance to know more people, more perspectives, more countries…! As a helper group, we were provided campus accommodation in Rootes. This meant more Kitchen parties too, as we almost became freshers again. The Orientation days were hectic but never annoying. I absolutely loved every time a new student/ parent came up to me and relied on me.

So my message for incoming Non-UK students is that do sign up for the Welcome week if you are nervous about settling in University or want to move in while the campus is less rushed. And for any current students reading this blog, I will definitely recommend you to apply for being an Orientation helper next year.


Until then, enjoy the photos:

1) Helpers going mad at Karaoke!


2) My lovely team:


3) Team getting fancy:


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