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Welcome to Warwick: Bright Yellow Polo Shirts

For many visitors to Warwick, interacting with real students is a big part of the experience. Quite a lot of the time, this means meeting the Warwick Welcome Service. From campus tours to school visits, and open days to UCAS Fairs, the highly fashionable bright yellow polo shirts can be spotted all over Warwick events.

Having not previously visited Warwick as a sixth form student, I first learnt about the WWS at one of the events in Freshers’ Fortnight. A group of current WWS were handing out little flyers about getting involved – and they definitely seemed to enjoy the work. I’d been a student ambassador at sixth form, and I liked doing all of the open evenings and such, so it seemed natural to apply for WWS.

A few weeks after submitting my application, I heard back from the WWS team – I’d made the interview stage! The interview was more like a workshop really, where we got to talk about what we thought about widening participation in small groups, and then there was a five minute one-on-one interview. I found that I talked about my own experiences of being the first person in my close family to go to uni, and studying at a new school that had no previous uni applicants. I think that’s my favourite thing about WWS – people come from all sorts of different backgrounds, and bring a lot of personal experience of applying to uni.

You’ve probably guessed that I got into WWS by now. I had a few training sessions in Term 1, and so I was ready for my first real WWS event during the Christmas holidays. There was a group of secondary school students visiting campus for a series of workshops, so WWS were on hand to help with leading groups to different rooms, and also helping with various sessions. Overall, it was a good first event, and so far the biggest I’ve helped on.

I’ve also given a few campus tours – including one this afternoon. I try to tailor the tour to the group where possible, and I also visit various campus highlights. My favourite fun fact about campus is the Duck Density – did you know that Warwick is the uni with the joint fifth highest number of ducks per square metre of water? People also seem to love the Koan (as everyone should!), so I stop by if I’m around there.

Another good thing about WWS is it’s a paid opportunity – there’s a variety of different jobs open to Warwick students via the SU, and this was the one that seemed to fit my skillset the best. The hours are very flexible, so it’s easy to fit it around studying, and means that I meet a lot of new people.

WWS Yellow Polo

Thanks to my flatmate, Jack, for the photo – I’m no good at selfies, so he took a picture for me!

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