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Welcome to Term 3

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It’s nearly the end of my first week back at university after our insanely long Easter break – not that I’m complaining about having five weeks off! Easter wasn’t all fun and games though, as I had a lot of deadlines approaching in Term 3 so I had to try and power through some of my many essays rather than giving into the temptation just to cuddle my dog all day long.

I live in Arthur Vick, which meant that I had to move out over Easter so that my room could be used for conferences. There’s one cupboard above the wardrobe which I was allowed to store some of my stuff in and padlock it over the break, but everything else had to be lugged back home, and then all the way back to Warwick on the 23rd, the weekend before Term 3 began. I expected it to be a bit of a nightmare having to move everything out and then in again, but I actually really enjoyed decorating my room all over again! (I’m a bit of an organisation nerd, so rearranging my bookshelves was sadly kind of fun…)

Now that it’s Term 3, my contact hours have cut down a lot. As an English student, I only have about 8 hours a week of teaching time anyway, but in Term 3 it’s gone down to 4 this week! That’s mainly because a few of my modules have finished and so now it’s just down to me to write up the assessments for them. Teaching only continues until Week 3, and then all my time will be my own to spend writing/revising/panicking!

The current end of year assessments for the first year of my degree are:

Modes of Reading – a 3,500 word essay Modes of Writing – a 4,000 word portfolio of creative writing plus a 4,000 word accompanying essay Medieval and Renaissance Literature – a 3 hr 15 min exam Modern World Literatures – a 3,000 word portfolio consisting of an annotated bibliography, a presentation outline, a 2,000 word essay and a 1,000 word creative response to a text.

So that’s what the rest of my first year at Warwick will consist of. My deadlines range from this week until mid-May and then freedom will arrive on the afternoon of 2nd June when I finish my exam… Summer is nearly here!

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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