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Welcome to Just the Uni Life :)

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Maya Surprenant | Biomedical Science with Industrial Placement Contact Maya

Hi there! Welcome to my first ever blog/vlog post!

So my name is Maya, and I am a first year International student here at the University of Warwick School of Life Sciences. As term 1 is coming to a close here shortly, it felt appropriate to share some of my experiences so far with the university.

I am studying Biomedical Sciences, which normally brings up the questions of “oh, so you’re studying medicine?” And the answer to this is no, as of now I am not studying Medicine. Biomed is more like behind the scenes medicine. So, if you’re potentially interested in medicine, or you really love cells and microorganisms, and looking into interactions between the body and different diseases, looking at the structure of the body, how tissues form, and all of that fun really small scale stuff, then this is definitely a course for you. That being said, Biomedical Science also has the potential to lead into slightly less scientific careers and futures. You could very well go into pharmaceuticals, either on the sciences side, or the more industrial marketing side. Either way, this course will open many doors.

You might have been able to tell from the above paragraph, but I’m just a tiny bit of a nerd.. I absolutely love human microbiology, immunology, looking at how the body interacts with certain substances, with illness, etc. I’m not 100% sure what type of career I would want to pursue in the future, but I know that I am enjoying what I am studying now.

I’d like to also give everyone who reads this a little insight into what my goal with this blog is. I also have a parallel Youtube Channel where I will be posting videos about certain topics. With these two main platforms, I’m hoping to create a database filled with useful information to help future uni students prepare for life as a student, and especially as a life sciences student.

I’ll be covering everything from studying, the course content, the layout of the university, navigating campus, social life, living on campus, my experience as a multicultural international student, searching for accommodation for next year, and many other things. So keep your eyes and ears peeled, because I’m going to have a lot of posting going on soon!

Watch the vlog here:

Russian Federation (the)United States of America (the)
Maya Surprenant | Biomedical Science with Industrial Placement Contact Maya

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