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Week 9 and I’m running out of time!

I’m planning to start vlogging soon, but I literally haven’t had the time to sort out my editing software because of the pressure of essay deadlines!

Got my first essay back on Friday, I didn’t do as well as I had hoped 🙁 I got an equivalant to a 3rd. I had my feedback session and my advice is to read the feedback and write a list of questions you have for the marker. If it’s necessary arrange another appointment in order to spend more time looking at the essay. I have, and I’m going to be more prepared an ask lots of questions so next time I can smash my essay. But only way is up, and now I can just focus on getting my other assessments out of the way and have a fresh start next year. Looking back I will definately begin my work very early on in the term, literally the first week back. At the moment I’m the least social person because every second is so valuable for me to do my reading for my next essay which is due in 2 days! Procrastination is the worst thing in the world, it is hard to be motivated when your feeling more home sick, you’re tired and just feeling like you’re just done! But need to continue ploughing through and just learn from the experience of first term! I keep reminding myself that first year doesn’t techniqually count for a reason, becuse we’re still learning and getting used to all of this.

Had a meeting with Clare about my URSS project which I am planning to complete in the summer. Things are looking positive, and I’m excited to start it to be honest. I’m planning to research about Alexander the Great and his influence on India!

I went to Leamington with my friend from home on Friday since I was feeling down about my essay result. We went to this adorable pottery painting workshop called Arte Cafe! It was about £7-£20 per item where you paint a piece of pottery or ceramic. They had little christmas themed items, money boxes, cute jars and figures and simple plates and bowls etc. It was also a cafe! My two fave things, art and food! So if you’re ever in Leamington and you love to be creative, I definately recommend going there! After that we went to Zizzi’s which accepts student discounts during the week excluding Fridays and the weekends (bummer for me, but good info for you).

Househunting is on a pause purely because of essay deadlines, but we were reassured by warwick accomodation that house hunting can last up to the end of the year! I don’t want to rush into it really, and the people I’m living with seem quite chilled out about the whole thing. Gotta focus on my priorities!

Next week is last week, so excited to finish!

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