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Week 8, jobs and DANCING!

This week I had a civil service talk! It was so interesting. As a classicist you realise that your degree gives you so many opportunities, but also gives you the skills to reach the potental in those opportunities. Being part of the civil service sounds like a very rewarding job. You’re role is to work towards making society more equal and just generally better. Roles within the civil service include helping with the administration of the NHS, education, social care, transport and other everyday things that are essential to the running of the country. I don’t really know what I want to be when I’m older but this sounds like it could be a possibility. There’s a graduate scheme where 1/25 students manage to join the scheme and develop their experiences and right to responsibilities. It sounds great! During the talk we had to complete a task. We were given a case study of a deprived area called Angell Town. Our job was to make a plan of action to try and improve this area. It was fun. Working with a new set of people can be challenging, but when we presented our findings it was a good feeling that we had managed to compose a plan in the space of an hour. Teamwork is key! Rest of the week been reading for my 2 assignments! Both landing on the same day in week 10! But all is good when you are organised and prioritise! My greek language work is slipping a bit, but I can pick that back up over the weekend. Went out to Neon, for a bhangra night (which is essential for any of those who absolutely love to dance!) It reminded me of back home. Loved it so much. I think at uni it’s important to network. For example, I’m super close with my flat mates. I also have a solid group of course mates, and also my bhangra team and people I have met through different societies. Of course people we have different styles and traits when making friends, but everyone is so willing to talk and make an effort with you, if you make an equal effort with them. It’s all about balance

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