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Week 7, Term 2, Bhangra is life

1 day needs to be longer than 24 hours!

Bhangra practice has been so intense every day we have rehearsal until the late hours of the night, improving, developing and cleaning up our routine. The competition is next weekend and I am buzzing! I’ve done a few performances within Warwick, but this is on another level. We’re competing against other teams from different universities at the Capital Bhangra competition. surviving off a few hours of sleep is tough, but that’s student life!

Work wise, things are quiet, still have seminar reading, still keeping up with Greek. I dipped in my Greek test, I still managed to get a first after 1 day of revision (I highly recommend not to do this, nobody deserves to be under that much stress!). But I didn’t reach my potential which is a shame.

The Ancient Philosophy module I take is quite challenging, the main thing you must do is read before the lectures and seminars otherwise you go in knowing nothing and leave in an utter state of confusion! Reading beforehand helps you to consolidate the outline you have of the set text you’re studying, therefore, it gives you a better understanding, and then that leads to easier revision for the exam!

The SU elections are going on this week, and so are many society elections for choosing the next execs. I think it’s important to take your time and get involved in the elections in order to contribute to what will happen in the forthcoming year.

Nearly the end of term 2! it’s insane!!!

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