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Week 7 and deadlines are closer and closer!

This week I submitted my first essay it was such a relief! Missing a couple of nights out is worth it when you have 2,500 words to write! Towards the end of term you can feel people are focused to get their work done, it’s a good feeling because it motivates you to do the same. Weekends at Warwick are study weekends. Reflecting back on my first essay I wish I managed my time effectively. I think the reading and research side took over the actual sitting down and writing. It’s important to consolidate your ideas, but it’s only when you write when you really understand what your argument is. Got 2 more assignments to do. They were both due in for the next 2 weeks! Pressure is on! But once they have been done all will be good! This weekend I’m going to drown in books.

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