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Week 6 and first assignment is due in 3 days

It’s week 6 and I’m starting to handle work load a lot more. You learn to read in a selective way once you get here. All the reading given to you isn’t essential but useful to provide you a starting point for your research. You have to learn to read through the "waffle" and find the relevant information or key argument. Now it’s reading week and these skills have been essential.

I’ve got an assessment due in on Wednesday and honestly it’s the most difficult thing. The question is based on the Shield of Achilles, but getting back into the writing an essay mode is so strange. Its so important to leave enough to time to work on your essay, then for redrafting and polishing it to perfection. This is what you need to do, no, what you have to do. There isn’t much point handing in a basic essay because you want to work and develop from your potential. Online resources are literally my life saver saves you from buying books and you get such a wide range of sources. By online resources I mean articles and books published online not random websites with hardly any academic content. Books form the library are always good to flick through, but they get taken out fairly soon so make sure you get your hands on the ones you need the most.

I’ve been having seminars and they are so much fun. Philosophy seminars are based on outside reading. We’re normally given an article and we have to express our interpretation and then debate amongst ourselves on the key points. Classics seminars are like learning stations, for the Roman we had to do a presentation and then for the Greek we have an actual symposium! Which was so much fun! Seminars really consolidate your knowledge and also help you to flag up what you need to work on.

I had a careers meeting which was so helpful. I think it’s good to start thinking to develop your cv and build your character because in first year you have more time in your hands. Chatting to a careers adviser was useful in the sense they help you to find which building blocks you need to make yourself a suitable candidate for a job. I don’t know what I want to do, but now I have been told a classics degree provides many options. Yay!

My sleeping pattern is very strange I’m getting more and more tired and it does effect my ability to focus in lectures! So need to sleep and stay awake especially during writing my assignment- I need all the brainpower I can get. Societies are amazing I’m in the Sikh and Bhangra society and I am a member of the male chorus in the classics play. Juggling 3 societies seems difficult but thankfully most of them run in the evening so it’s not too difficult.

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