Week 5 of Summer Time – OurWarwick

Week 5 of Summer Time

URSS Project is coming on well. I’ve made a huge mind map which looks a mess, but due to the brilliance of highlighters and fine liners, everything is colour coded and to me it all makes sense. That’s what key about essay planning and anything when developing a piece of written work. You need to know who and where you got your sources from, what their main ideas are, how they link to others and then how they link to the question. Seems simple, but this process normally takes me at least 2 to 3 hours of editing and literally sitting there and thinking which will be the most coherent way to display my ideas and arguments.

Besides the project, I’ve been meeting up with friends and family. It’s weird you begin to see growth within yourself, you see your home differently. I’m not missing university at all because I’m so busy at home. Keeping in contact with your friends at uni is hard and the group chats seem a lot more quiet. But, don’t worry nothing has changed, it’s just people have returned back to their old lives. This summer I’m focusing on myself. Not selfish, but necessary. Next year is going to be a challenge and I need to be confident in myself that I will have the correct attitude to adapt to further changes in my academic and personal life.

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