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Week 4 – let the intensity begin!

Week 4 has begun and I still feel like a fresher!

First 2 weeks you just seem to linger around making friends and trying to organise yourself with your work. This is okie. Looking back I can’t really remember my first few weeks, all I can remember is that how much fun I’ve had settling in. Joining societies and getting to know people in my flat has been a great way to really test my knowledge of myself. I think I’ve come to realise how university isn’t only about the studies, it’s about progressing academically, characteristically and your ability to function in the day living off 3 hours of sleep.

It purely depends on your personality if your few weeks are difficult or not. I’ve been lucky in the fact that my flat mates have similar personalities as myself: they love to socialise but also remember that work needs to be done. Other people that I have spoken to have realised the difficulties of being pushed out of their comfort zone. Home is where you are in control…it all changes once you get here. You need to develop the skill to judge situations and make decisions on your own. For example, I don’t drink and everyone in my flat loves playing ring of fire. For a girl who has no idea of what that game includes this was uncomfortable me. Yet, if you have the right attitude towards people, you may not want to participate in whatever they are doing but remember to always be pleasant and respect their choices. You’ll learn a lot about people here, different people from different backgrounds and outlooks on life. Which will ultimately help to solidify your outlook.

So……work load has come at me like a pile of bricks! I’m doing classical civilisation with philosophy modules. I’m learning ancient Greek from scratch! Ancient Greek is difficult but was is vital is that I keep up to date with my work and practice on a daily basis! Listen to the teacher, they know what’s best- honestly. Philosophy modules are interesting and intimidating at the same time. As a Classicist you’re surrounded by Philosophists who have been thinking in philosophical ways for long period of time, whereas for me it’s new. But embrace it, feed off their knowledge and ask for help. Lecturers have open hours, use them! Even a 5 min chat expressing how you’re finding it difficult and then being reassured that things will be better with time has helped me, and I advise it to all of you. My recommendation for classicists is that in week 1 look at the departmental website and familiarise yourself immediately. It’s quite tricky to find things on there but once you get used to it this will be the key aspect to your studies. Find your essay titles fast and begin planning. Don’t rush through it take your time and enjoy your research. Last minute cramming will lead to an unsatisfying piece.

The Classics department and society are very friendly; the students seem more organised than the lecturers…so bare with them. The society provides lots of socials you can attend all of them or only a few, it’s purely up to you. One thing I admire about my department is that everyone is so accepting and willing to make friends with you. Remember everyone is in the same boat as you when starting uni (cliché I know, but it’s true).

Try and get involved in everything you want to, but remember the work and social balance. You need to develop that quite quickly because as you can see from my experience it catches up with you, fast! Attend as many talks and fairs as possible because nothing will be handed to you on a plate, at Warwick you’re expected to be independent and find things for yourself. Look Online, book appointments for the library and other relevant events you need information on to help you with your studies or career development. I strongly advice you to get a diary or a calendar, organisation is key here!

I’ll advise you to be patient with everything things take time to consolidate: your friendships, getting used to cooking on your own, accepting the fact you’ll be spending more time on your own and the administration at the university.

Have a good week!


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