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Week 4, Back home for the summer

Halfway my URSS project! I’ve had such an incredible time out here in London researching for my project. (Once it’s completed, I’ll link it up to this so you can see). But I’m so impressed how many resources there are in London. The British museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, the British library, and universities were so helpful to grant me access to their resources. If you plan enough in advance, you can enter Blythe House which is where the museums in London store the majority of their items if they are not on display.

Don’t get me wrong, I also took the time to go out and explore London. Many visits to Southbank, Covent Garden, Regents Park, and Oxford Street were made. Since I was staying with my sister every evening was filled with some sort of activity. Perfect balance of work and leisure.

Now I’m on my way back home, I actually haven’t spent any time with my family! But the project will not come to a halt. Just going to take it slower. I’ve done the majority of my reading since a lot of the sources are beginning to repeat themselves, that’s normally a sign for me to start my draft and then fill in the gaps after. My mentor has finally contacted me and is pleased with my progress.

Hope your summer is going well, learn new lessons and try new things. You want to look back and be proud of what you’ve been experiencing. Growth is key!

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