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Week 2, URSS Begins

Spent a very chaotic week catching up with my family and friends. It was so nice to see everyone, even though the conversations seemed quite repetitive since I was telling everyone the same stories about my first exciting year at Warwick, it is great just taking the time to share everything I have learnt about myself as a young adult!

Now I’m in London, staying with my sister, I have an oyster card ready and my pen and paper. It’s research time for my URSS project. Tomorrow I am going to the British Library to register in order to get my library card and enter the reading rooms! It all seems very official and I am quite nervous, but obviously excited as well. I am trying to be as independent as possible, using only the money I have been given through the project and sticking to the deadlines and targets I have met for myself. For example, I am aiming to write a small account every day to record my progress throughout the project. The account will record my spending and my reflection on the day and the plans for the next day. This will be valuable for my ICUR conference as well, since I may be asked about the development of my project and how I handled any difficulties along the way.

Will keep you updated, I hope you’re having a great summer!

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