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Week 1, Term 3 – HELP ME!

Week 1, back in the zone! Had our final nights out letting out our freshers steam. But term 3 is time to study… Lectures may seem pointless because we don’t cover any other material but they give you a good idea of the attitude of the lectures. How serious they’re taking these exams and how much you are expected to learn. You have to consider that this is your first time doing an exam at university, and that exam skills are different to those used in essay writing. At the end of the day you need to rememeber that your tutor will be a positive marker, they can only give credit to what they can see not what you may have missed. There isn’t a set mark scheme for classics exams, you just have to write in an effective and engaging way which clearly demonstrates your argument in response to the question. For me each module is different, but the main idea is that I need to hurry up and get into the zone and just read and organise my topics. It’s best to choose topics that you enjoy and thay you’ll like to read about. Think of topics that can link through all your modules because you can use information fram all your modules in each exam (praise the beauty of classics). Greek language, we have covered everything in the 2 text books so the next 3 weeks is focusing on mastering my vocab and grammar. And most importantly practicing translation. Translation is quire difficult and the only way you will master it, is if you practice. Philosophy is all about being confident in talking about each philosopher you study and being able to link between the philosophers and compare their ideas. Look at past papers; and see how broad the questions are. Keeping focused is hard, they’re will be times where you just gotta lock your door and focus. Make to do lists and make sure they are realistic and you are covering a range of your topics. Your brain needs variety. Switching between each module will help you to find ways to link them all together. Eat well, sleep well, work hard then play hard. Only a little while left. Beast out these few weeks. 40% is a beautiful number, but rememeber it is the minimum you need to pass, aim high but dont panic.

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