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Week 1 of Term 2!

Hi everyone!

It’s now week 1 of term 2 at Warwick and everyone has been finishing essays, relaxing and having fun over the holidays. My autumn long module essay deadline was on Wednesday and we’ll get essay feedback on our short module essays next week. Luckily this week for me has mainly been introductory meetings which outline the course structure and logistics of the new modules for the spring term so I’ve had time to get my sleeping pattern back to normal, do some revision and catch up with my flatmates. I have Fridays off this term so I get a long weekend!

Most other courses don’t change their modules for the second term but Art History does and then throughout summer is mostly revision sessions, exam preparation and meetings with lecturers and tutors for advice. I’ll do another blog post shortly to describe the modules I’m doing this term and I’ll give some updates on what’s happening at Warwick in general this term.

But for now, thanks for reading and keep checking back for updates!


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