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Week 1 of Term 2

Week 1 of Term 2 is now complete! I feel contented that I’ve got through the first week back which is always a challenge because of having to change your routine, re-familiarise yourself with your term-time life, and being independent once again. I am looking forward to relaxing a bit this weekend, and I intend to explore a bit more of my local area.

For this blog I thought I’d give you a general overview of my first week back.

Sunday afternoon: My parents and I drove up from London back to my uni house in Earlsdon. It was great catching up with my housemates again, and I once I’d unpacked I soon felt comfortable being back again.

Monday: This was my busiest day of the week, and it started off with a 9am lecture followed by a 10am. These lectures were both introductions to the two modules we are doing for the first half of this term, which are Cell Biology, which is a core module for all Life Sciences students, and Genetics & Genomics which is core only for Biological Sciences students (but can be taken as an optional module for other Life Sciences students). At 12 the Biological Sciences students had a lab for the Genetics & Genomics module (we only take labs in our core modules). For this lab we were analysing Sound exciting? Well, it is actually the “common bean”, and the reason that it was our object of study was because the inheritance of its seed coat colour is particularly interesting. After 3pm we were free to leave, and I spent the rest of my day unpacking, catching up with my housemates and starting on the lab report.

For the rest of the week my timetable was very quiet, consisting of just one lecture at some time each day, however we did have work to be getting on with in our own time. The two new modules both seem very interesting but I think I will find them more challenging than my other ones, so I will need to put more time aside to read up about the concepts.

My days were mostly free for me to fill how I wished, and I liked having the freedom to structure my day. I spent time with my friends, and there was a lot to catch up on from the holidays. In terms of study, I worked on my lab report, made lecture notes and started preparing my oral presentation for next Friday.

With it being a new term, a friend and I were keen to try something new and different, so on Thursday evening we attended Warwick’s Shotokan Karate class. It was great meeting new people and trying out something we hadn’t done before, and it’s so good to make the most of all the clubs and societies that are on campus, especially ones that you would never have thought of doing. New people are always encouraged to join in societies and clubs, and we definitely felt welcomed there (although slightly intimidated by almost everyone there being a black belt!).

Have a good weekend 🙂

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