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We Need a Break – 3 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make in Your Revision Breaks

Exam season is upon us. The revision timetables have been drafted, the sleep patterns re-adjusted and the coffee machine prepped for continuous flow so I’m sure you are ready to put in some serious graft, but what about the rest of the time? In this blog I am going to bring up three popular ‘mistakes’ that people often make in their breaks from study and suggest an alternative for each so that you can feel like you’ve really made the most of your time off before you hit the books once more.

Mistake #1 – NETFLIX

Sure, you’ve got a favourite show. We all do. And every once in a while, it isn’t a bad shout to watch an episode or two to relax and escape from reality. But make sure you schedule! Everyone knows that Netflix is a slippery slope (in more ways than one) so a casual few episodes in the middle of the day can quickly turn into an eight-hour-long binge of every series going. If you’re going to stick something on, it might be a good shout to decide when you will turn it off beforehand.

THE ALTERNATIVE – Go to the cinema.

The cinema is a great way to take a break from studying as it gets you out the house, you get to see something new and it has a set ending time!


I hate to sound like your parents but takeaway isn’t always a great idea. As well as the cost of it, takeaway food really encourages lethargy which isn’t ideal if you want to be hitting the books again soon. In addition to this, unhealthy foods have been proven to be detrimental to attention-span and study quality. Even if it is something simple, it might be a better idea to whip something up for yourself.


Meal planning is a great way to feel really productive, watch what you’re eating and take a break from studying all at the same time. You will certainly feel more relaxed and accomplished if you ditch the Chinese menu and cook up some pasta instead.

Mistake #3 – TAKING A NAP

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “don’t sleep”. That’s a terrible idea. What I am saying is don’t nap when you don’t need to. It seems pretty obvious but we all know how tempting it can be when your bed is right there. Sleeping will mess with your internal clock which could make it more difficult at night but it will also make it a million times harder to do anything later in the day. If you can, save the sleeping for one block at night-time and your body and mind will feel the benefits.


Try not to roll your eyes. Everybody knows that exercise is good for you. And it is…in more ways than one. Obviously, there are the physical benefits but exercise will also release those sweet, sweet endorphins which make you feel good. The break from study will help you focus better when you get back to the grindstone and your generally improved demeanour will help no end with a proactive approach to your studies.

Hopefully, with these tips and alternatives, you will be able to optimise your breaks outside of study and absolutely smash this exam season!

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