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WBS’s SSLC- ( A typical Student Council’s Advanced Version)

Warwick offers endless opportunities to pursue your hobbies apart from academics. As I previously mentioned, the societies are numerous. I recommend students to take a role of responsibility in any of these societies like becoming the Execs. Furthermore, there are other opportunities like joining Enactus, AIESEC or becoming a part of the Warwick’s Student Council named as SSLC. In these initiatives, there are positions of responsibility available that students can apply for. I recommend them due to the competency based hiring system nowadays in the job market. These are positions where one can gain those valuable employability skills or get something to talk about in the interviews. I will like to dedicate this blog to my role at the SSLC.

SSLC (Student Staff Liaison Committee) is basically Warwick’s Student Council. Every department has its different SSLC. I am involved with the ‘’Warwick Business School’s’’ SSLC as a ‘Secretary; for the academic year 2015-16. It operates in a way that we have a Chair from the third year, a Vice Chair from the second year and a Secretary from the first year. Alongside this, we have two Course Representatives for each WBS Course and from each year. We have two meetings with the WBS staff per term to raise the student concerns brought forward by the Course Representatives.

There may be a question in some people’s mind that why have I dedicated a whole blog to a typical boring student council kind of committee. However, to be brutally honest, this committee is different and I truly enjoy being a part of this committee. The difference about this Committee is its impact. Students raise concerns, we raise them in front of the professors. The best part is that the professors or concerned WBS staff genuinely works on any issue pointed out. We continuously bring forward student feedback like some of them could include teaching quality for any module, IT issues or Module Registration etc. For instance, quite recently, we had some course reps complaining about the teaching method for a certain module. This issue was raised with the concerned module leader in the meeting. This module is quite easily taken by 300-400 students. The Module Leader’s reaction was that he personally visited all of the nineteen different seminar groups. In those short visits, he tried to explain his verdict and listened to student inquiries. Furthermore, he also presented an offer for a delegation of students to sit with him for an hour long meeting to remedy the problems arising. I believe this kind of accountable approach from staff is what shapes up some of WBS’s success.

I have learned immensely in this role. I get to interact with some senior WBS staff and meet a lot of different students being a part of this committee. My communication skills have improved due to the constant email writing and agendas.

To any current student or prospective student reading this blog, I also advise you to become a part of the SSLC. It is an enjoyable role and a committee that ‘actually’ works! It gives me a great feeling because I believe we are making a positive difference to people’s life… 🙂

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