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WBS Module Review- Business Law 1

‘Business Law 1’ was quite certainly one of my favorite modules in my first year. ‘Core Practice’ and ‘Economics for Business’ did give some competition to ‘Business Law’ for the favorite module tag. However, this one just got an edge over them. In this blog, I have planned to review ‘Business Law 1’.

The teaching hours were quite similar to other modules as this was a 12 CAT with 2 hours of lectures and 1 hour seminars each week. This was a Term 2 module lasting for 10 weeks.

The two reasons why this module appealed me was:

1) Content:

This is one module that was highly informative. I will further go on to say that as well as WBS, even Non WBS students should opt for this module. This module was divided in two sections. The first half explained the structure of the ‘English Legal System’. This involved the explanation of the number of courts and the kind of cases they deal with. It also familiarized us with some key legal terminologies and commonly used rules. The second half dealt with ‘Contract Law’. This included all the conditions necessary to form a contract and conditions that violate one. For business cases, Contract Law seemed to be very relevant. The best part was that all these explanations were backed with examples of real cases. Such are the dynamics of the legal system, that some cases were quite funny. Not to mention that this best part turned into a nightmare when we had to memorize all these cases for the summer exam.

2) Teaching Style:

The faculty teaching this module certainly knew how to deliver this module. This was one of those modules where the professors themselves took the responsibility to conduct the seminars as well. Despite some of my friends not liking this module, I never heard anyone complaining about the BL seminars. Particularly, Rob was one person who seemed interesting to me as soon as he spoke due to his unique soft spoken tone. In one of the seminars, we almost had a court being set up and were given a case to defend after being divided in groups. Do not worry, we were also given a week to ‘prepare’ the case- some attempt of real life simulation! 😉 This activity was particularly liked by the students.

Some of my friends studying actual Law mocked me for the apparent ease of this module. However, personally, I felt this was a good introduction for people who have no idea about Law. I got a first in the class test but for some strange reason got a 2:2 in the summer exam. Meanwhile, this has not stopped me from opting Business Law 2 as one of the optional modules for next year. As per current regulations, studying Business Law- 1 & 2 also provides an exemption in one exam of the ICAEW’s ACA qualification.

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