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Ways To Earn Money At Uni

I for one, like many other students, know the struggles of money at University and trying to make ends meet. Since I have been at Warwick for nearly two terms now, I have managed to make quite a bit of money alongside my studies to help me that extra bit through Uni, so here are my key four ways to do so.

1. Unitemps

Unitemps is a great website which allows you to browse jobs in the Warwick area or ones that might be available on the University campus. Therefore, it is an accessible way to secure a part-time job and the best thing is that they have their own branch on campus, so you can go to them to register and talk to them about anything you might want to query. Definitely check out their website if you’d like to start browsing some jobs!

2. Warwick SU

Another great way to get a part-time job is via the SU. I know many people that work for the SU in places like the restaurants, the SU HQ so definitely have a look at their jobs page. They add jobs from time to time, but the best time to search and apply for their jobs would be around August/September time before the next academic year starts, as that will be when there are loads on offer.

3. Paid Research Studies

This is how I make the majority of my money whilst at University. Since there are PhD students and other various people carrying out experiments for their research projects, a lot of the time they will offer money as a motivation for people to participate. If you are a Psychology Undergraduate student, you actually have to participate in some of these studies in order to get credit for your first year course, but this is how I realised that there are paid studies too! The sign-up system is carried out on a website called SONA, where you can register, check from time to time to view available studies and then sign up. The website allows you to view studies, see their time duration, where it’s being held, what the motivation is (course credit for psychology students, money, amazon vouchers etc) as well as information on what the study is experimenting. The super well-paid studies normally get taken quite quick, so you might want to check regularly in order to get the best ones! I’ve earned money ranging from £2 to £30 per study, sometimes you can even earn more, but it’s a great way to pick and choose studies that fit with your schedule whilst earning money at the same time.

4. Open Days

Of course open days and offer holder days aren’t regular throughout the academic year, but whenever the chance opens up for some paid work during these times, definitely take them on! You can help out for your specific department on offer holder days which is something that your department would normally contact you directly about. This is what I recently did for three of the Psychology offer holder days, something that was really fun and great for me to use up free time, whilst earning some money. You can also get paid to help out on the general open days, which you can do when you apply for the Warwick Welcome Service.

These are the main ways that I know of in terms of earning money at the University of Warwick – I hope it has helped and given you some ideas on how to earn easy money to boost your student life. If anyone knows of any other ways to earn money whilst being a student, then definitely leave them in the comments below.


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