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Warwick’s On-Campus Accommodation

I’ve been living in my off-campus accommodation for the last 2 academic years so it now seems a while ago that I was living in halls on campus. I often think back to how convenient it was to live in halls, especially during Term 1 when I was waiting for the bus in the cold! It was great being able to leave my block at 8.40am to get to my 9ams. 

Warwick offers a lot of on-campus accommodation. Each one:

-has specific rent costs

-has ensuite OR has shared bathrooms

-has a specific contract period. This means that for some halls you have to move your belongings out during vacations.

-has a set number of people sharing the kitchen/ bathrooms if you are sharing this.

-has particular facilities, for example some have a launderette in the block; the en-suite may have a bath.

The website has all the information you need and is really clearly laid out to help you make an informed decision: https://warwick.ac.uk/services/accommodation/studentaccommodation/undergraduate/ugresidences

At Warwick, none of the Halls are catered. I personally think this is great because it brings the flatmates together, whether to cook, eat or just to meet in the kitchen. For celebrations like Christmas and birthdays it was really nice to cook and eat a meal altogether (although it was rather stressful organising it at the time!). For when you don’t feel like cooking, there are plenty of outlets to go to. Tesco is close by and there is a grocery store on campus if you need food-to-go.

In my first year, I was fortunate and got my first-choice, Arthur Vick. I loved it and found that it was very comfortable, quite new and was well-located. It wasn’t too far from Gibbet Hill, nor far from places such as the SU or Sports Centre. The ensuites had baths, and the launderette was in the block. 

Overall, it is worth spending some time considering what halls of residence you want to put down on your application. You will be living there for a year and want to make sure it will suit you. Top things to consider:

-check the contract period. If it will be a problem to move your things out during vacations avoid applying to 38 week lets.

-ensuite vs shared. Would you like to have your own ensuite and are prepared for the added expenditure? Or are you okay with sharing and therefore can save the ££?

-If you are thinking of sharing bathrooms, have a look and see how many people may be sharing the facilities with you – at Claycroft ensuites are shared between 2 people.  

-which blocks are closest to buildings I will frequently go to? Would I like to be somewhere peaceful like Lakeside which is off main campus, or Rootes which is near the SU and piazza?

I hope this has been useful!

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