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Today was the September open day! I’ve been running the YourWarwick Twitter account all day, so I’ve got into the habit of hashtagging everything – don’t worry, I won’t judge you if you’re judging me.

Turns out, buses don’t run early enough on a Saturday morning to get me in for open days, so I started out on the supposedly 45-minute walk. I tried to be clever and take a shortcut, which turned out to be a 45-minute detour that left me not a great deal closer than where I started. Fortunately I’d left home with plenty of time and was only a little bit late.

I took quite a lot of pictures today, mostly standard stuff – meet and greets, societies and so on. One of the things that people seem to like the most about open days is looking inside accommodation – today, we had Bluebell, Jack Martin, Arthur Vick and Rootes open. I took a look around and took some photos – I was surprised at how big the twin rooms in Rootes are.

Open days nearly always involve a lot of walking for everyone – prospective students, parents and Welcome Service alike. By the end of the day, I’d walked nearly 10 miles and I’d been smiling for hours. I’ve never not been exhausted by the time I’ve signed off, and today was no exception. I still love working on them, though – you get to see campus in a completely different light, and you work with people you probably wouldn’t have met otherwise. I was rather glad that the buses were running when the day was done, though – walking home didn’t sound a lot of fun at that point!

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