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#warwick2017 Advice for living with others

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying your summer holidays! I’m currently in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival, which for those who don’t know, is one of the biggest arts festivals in the world! I definitely recommend going at least once in your life because there is something for everybody and the atmosphere is so vibrant you won’t want to miss it! Anyway, I’m getting carried away haha, this blog is advice for living with new people whilst at university.

I know for some, the prospect of living with new people can be quite daunting and the pressure to be sociable can be quite overwhelming but the best way to look at it is……..everybody is in the same boat. For you new students, your first year is quite important in making new friends, so a few tips to help you integrate with a new flat:

  • Be present when everybody is moving in a stay around your new flat on the first day so that you can introduce yourself to everybody and get chatting
  • Be open-minded, you may know instantly that one person is not your cup of tea but be positive because you don’t fully know them yet
  • Get involved. Tag along if some people are exploring campus or make suggestions to do things as a flat because this will help you settle into your new home
  • Go with the flow. Try not to dictate or create rules within a flat because you are all learning to adjust to one another so it makes life easier to just go with the flow as your university experience is yours to control, just relax and enjoy the ride.

In terms of moving in with people in your second year, most of us felt the pressure to find a house and flatmates in first term because that is when all the good houses go, but I know many people who made the mistake of choosing their flatmates too early in the year and met new people who they wished they’d have lived with.

  • Really get to know people before you actively decide to live with them in your second year
  • I didn’t find flatmates until my third term at university so don’t panic if you haven’t found anybody. I struck lucky and found three of the most amazing flatmates who literally made my experience at university, incredible.
  • Go and look at the area you want to live in whether it be Leamington Spa, Coventry, Earlsdon, etc. Get a feel for where you’ll be staying
  • When you move into your place in second year, the fairest way of choosing rooms is to draw straws. That way nobody can get upset
  • Be sociable, do the things you like to do but also do what others like doing. Go to house parties or the cinema or out for meals because you’ll met new people and are likely to settle in better at uni
  • Have your own flat events, even if it is just a flat movie night, or flat roast dinner. This with develop group harmony and enhance your university experience.
  • Changing your house each year or even living with new people each year is what I have done and I’ve met loads of people
  • Do your share of the house work and the cleaning because it’s unfair to expect people to clean up after you

Most importantly, have fun! Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t found the right people or friends in first year! Persevere and you’ll likely meet new people in second year who you will really connect with and it completely changes your outlook on university! That was my experience! Hope this blog has been helpful, just email if you have any questions about living with new people!

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