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Warwick Welcome Week

I remember waking up the day after I had moved in at Warwick. The first evening in my flat had been a success but I felt like I was starting again with the new day’s beginning.

I’m always up early so no one else in my flat was awake yet and, not knowing what else to do, I went for a walk with no specific direction in mind.

I felt lost quite a lot when I first started at university but it was a comfortable sort of lost because Warwick’s Welcome Week really helped me settle into the uni routine. It wasn’t perfect, there were still things I had to work out as I went along but having that first week without the stress of work was a major bonus in first year.

Of course, this year Welcome Week may work differently to how it has been run in the past. Still, I thought it would be worth sharing my experience of Welcome Week, what I did, what I wish I had done and in what ways it shaped my university experience.

Getting to know the campus

One of the most beneficial things I did during my Welcome Week was to just walk around campus a lot! You can pick it up as you go along by trying out different events across the university but I felt so much more at home once I knew where I was going just that little bit better.

Campus is going to be your second home and if you embrace this idea rather than shy away from it, you can really make it a place you look forward to returning to even if that return means the return to work too.

Getting to know your flatmates

If Warwick had thrown me straight into a regular working week, I worry that I would have panicked, devoted all of my attention to not falling behind and then missed out on really getting to know my flatmates.

I’m in the lucky position that my flatmates are still some of my best friends even now as I’m preparing for third year and we had such great times when we were living on campus in first year despite not being the loudest flat around.

If you can make the most of Welcome Week by just beginning to get to know those around you, I’m confident that it will make your university experience that much easier even if it only turns out that going out with flatmates is how you meet your best friends on campus.

Getting involved with all the madness

Universities are very busy places. There is not a morning, afternoon or evening when there’s not some event going on and it’s great to get in on the action as soon as possible.

In my Welcome Week I was determined to push myself outside of my comfort zone. I probably still did this less so than other, more outgoing people but I’m happy with my efforts.

I went to the societies fair (having already looked into what I might be interested in before hand) and then made sure to try and make it to as many taster sessions and welcome meetings as I could.

I don’t keep up with many of those societies anymore just because of time pressure but I’m still glad to feel like I made the most of my opportunities when I first turned up.

Getting prepared for the term ahead

As much fun as Welcome Week is, I think it’s important to put a bit of your time towards planning for the term ahead.

This can mean many things. I spent some time familiarising myself with my department by going to all of the organised introduction sessions and making sure I had everything I would need for the work ahead.

I spent some time on more mundane things too like finding the local supermarkets, finding the laundry room, etc…

I’m not suggesting I had everything sorted by the end of that first week but I felt much more confident than I had been a week prior. If nothing else, I knew that university wasn’t the insurmountable challenge it had seemed when I had been planning over summer.

You’ll have to discover Welcome Week for yourself and I’m sure that everyone will do it differently to me because everyone does it in their own way.

Try and make time for people, for the university and for yourself. Welcome Week is the perfect opportunity to try and find some balance for the year ahead and if you go in with a positive attitude I’m sure you’ll love whatever you end up doing.

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