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Hey everyone, so here we are, 1st May and exams are quickly approaching. I am completely calm (ish) and I’ve got so much going on but I love being busy so I’m not complaining. Anyway, I thought I would just tell you about Warwick Volunteers (WV), in case any of you were thinking of joining, which I definitely recommend.

So I’ve just been away to Stratford for the weekend with the WV exec and all the project leaders because in March I applied to be a Co-Project Leader of ‘Activiteas’ (a volunteer project) and got it. Firstly, in order to get the role of a project leader you need to show commitment and motivation to want to volunteer for the project you are apply for. Luckily I’ve been volunteering since last October and did a few sessions in my first year. There are loads of projects so you are not short of choice and the benefits you gain from it are so worthwhile. This weekend, I learned all about what it meant to be a project leader, how to run the project and how Warwick Vounteers are always around to help. I also made so many friends and feel like I know the exec and the leaders really well. I am really excited for my new role which begins in my 3rd year (October) and I hope all of you will be able to drop in.

I will tell you a little bit about WV and then a bit about the project that I will be (co)leading. So WV will have a fair at the beginning of each academic year, during freshers week, usually above Bar Fusion. I will be there this year so come on down even if you don’t think volunteering is for you, there is no harm attending and you never know there might be something there for you. Each project has a sign up sheet and will set up an email connection with you as well as WV newsletter that will tell you all about what’s going on. What’s great about WV is the flexibility, you can either commit yourself to one project or go to random sessions, we even have one off sessions for new people to try. It is a great way to meet new people and give back to the community. Also, it goes without saying that it looks brilliant on your CV, you can pick up loads of skills and it makes your CV stand out to others, even more so if you manage to secure a role on the exec or a project leader.

The project I am part of as previously mentioned is called ‘Activiteas’. This project runs around 4/5 sessions each term, again really flexible, you don’t need to come to every one and we have one off sessions for people to try. The aim of the project is to provide companionship for older people in a Leamington Spa residential home, by playing board games, quizzes, decorating cakes, crafts, etc. Not to mention every week we have a chat over a cuppa and some biscuits. If you’re wondering what skills can come from this you’ll be suprised; communication, collaboration, motivation, listening, supporting, enthusiasm, intiative, versatility, self-sufficient, contribution, respect, I could literally go on and on. Sessions are almost always on a Wednesday and we organise a coach to take us from campus to the residential home and back. This year we are hoping to have more socials for people to get to know each other more, but with the WV there is a summer bbq in June, annual celebration event in term 2 and hopefully some more socials involving meals, cinema, etc.

Warwick Volunteers is an amazing opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on as a student at Warwick. Graduate employers are looking out for well-rounded individuals who can show a bit more contribution and personality within their CVs. You can build up your skills, meet lots of lovely new people and you will always have the support of the WV staff who reside in the Student Union next to Xananas. I highly recommend all students to get involved, it is so much fun and there are some amazing opportunities to volunteer abroad as well.

Any questions let me know: mel_1996_100@hotmail.com

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