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Warwick University Accommodation: Lakeside

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“I adored it there and would honestly go back in a heartbeat.”

So, you’re choosing your on campus accommodation at Warwick? This can be a daunting and overwhelming decision to make, considering the variety of options and reputations of some halls. I hope that this new blog series, where I will be reviewing where I have stayed during my time at university, will help. Today, we’re starting off with Lakeside.

I want to start by providing some insight into the type of person I am. Perhaps if you recognise part of yourself in me it will help you decide what accommodation is right for you. In short, I am undoubtedly an introvert. You’re far more likely to find me in a coffee shop than a bar or club, and I get homesick. A lot. As a result, Lakeside just happened to be the perfect choice of first year accommodation for me!


WHERE: Lakeside Village (alongside Heronbank and Sherbourne).

PRICE: £154 per week, £6,160 per year.

LET LENGTH: 40 weeks (includes term time, Christmas and Easter holidays).



[Please note that all Warwick University halls are self catered, and that fees include contents insurance, heating, electricity, gas, water, and WiFi]


When I think of Lakeside, one of the first things that comes to mind is great value. Compared to other ensuite accommodations, you get great accommodation for your money. Contributing to Lakeside’s great value for money is the bright and spacious rooms and kitchens. When touring other accommodations, I found them slightly cramped, which detracted from the appeal of a larger bed.

Lakeside is iconic for the nature surrounding the halls and this was certainly one of my highlights while living there. The lovely lakes and canopies of trees promoted a very relaxed atmosphere, something that starkly contrasted some of the more central halls. Walking to and from lectures everyday, I encountered a menagerie of wildlife that genuinely brightened my day!

Personally, I found that sharing with eight other students was ideal. It wasn’t too overwhelming for an introvert like myself, and if we wanted to socialise with larger groups, all the flats were interconnected, meaning that we often had visitors in our kitchen from the flats above and below us. You can make your experience in Lakeside as sociable as you want.

Lakeside and the other accommodations in Lakeside Village have a reputation for being a long way for campus. While it is true that they are furthest out from the hustle and bustle of central campus, it takes no longer than 10-15 minutes to get to lectures and seminars! I genuinely enjoyed the walk to campus each morning. It was refreshing! Also, if you feel that you need more of a separation between work and relaxation, or intense nights out, then Lakeside is great.

The study spaces available to students in Lakeside are definitely a highlight, especially in exam season. There is a Quiet Room that is solely accessible to Lakeside Village students. As the name suggests, it is for silent study only, and is also really close to the halls of residence so saves you the walk to the library when you have some late night cramming to do. As well as the Quiet Room, the new Sports Hub has great facilities for studying, especially with the more recent addition of a Café Nero. I loved studying out on the balcony in my first year exam season!

Overall, Lakeside is a genuinely lovely environment and good space to be. I miss it an awful lot and wish I’d appreciated it more when I was there. The rooms are bright and comfortable, with plenty of space to both work and relax. The ensuite is great and is cleaned once a week (the kitchen is cleaned twice a week), and while I don’t think there is anything wrong with shared bathrooms, I would still stick with my preference of ensuites. In short, I would highly recommend Lakeside!


It was genuinely a stretch to think of any cons to living in Lakeside, I absolutely adored it. But here are some that I have heard mentioned by others or that are simply based on Lakeside’s reputation (as well as some input from my mum).

The geese rule Lakeside. They are absolute characters and can be very entertaining. But they are geese and they can be aggressive, especially in the spring when the goslings are out and about. This is just something to be aware of. It’s also worth noting, though, that the geese are all over campus so there’s no escaping them. They’re as much a part of Warwick as the students!

In my experience, the hallways were not always conducive to quiet evenings. There was no carpet in my block, which meant that the voices of excitable residents on their way to or from a night out carried and that could be quite disruptive. On a similar note, the ‘courtyard’ also amplified the slightest of noises, again serving to disturb a peaceful night in. Having said that, Lakeside is definitely among the quieter halls at Warwick, so definitely a top choice for anyone seeking more peaceful downtime.

While I stand by the pros and benefits of Lakeside’s distance from central campus, the distance isn’t for everyone. If you like late nights out, or just aren’t a morning person, perhaps opt for a more central accommodation block. But I could definitely get up twenty minutes before a 9am and make it there comfortably. Just saying!

This one is possibly more for the parents, or any student that has a car they are looking to bring to university (top tip: I probably wouldn’t bother). There is no visitor parking outside Lakeside. The parking bays are reserved for staff, and even short stays could land you in a little bit of trouble. There are of course car parks across campus, and the recent opening of the Sports Hub remedies this problem slightly for Lakeside Village residents, but it can be a pain if you’re carrying a lot of stuff, or if the weather just isn’t playing ball.


I hope that this little review of Lakeside helps to simplify the process of choosing accommodation! I adored it there and would honestly go back in a heartbeat. But it is worth noting that wherever people end up, their accommodation seems to end up being their favourite and everything they needed, so don’t sweat it too much!

For more information about Warwick Accommodation take a look at their website and YouTube channel, which have in depth comparisons between all halls of residences and a peak inside each of them.

Website: https://warwick.ac.uk/services/accommodation/studentaccommodation/undergraduate/ugresidences/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLm0heW_lk6eciXDBWvowLTKtNmqStravl

Stay tuned for a similar review of Leamington Spa!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or requests for future blog posts.

Until next time


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)
History, Warwick Student Cinema, Sport, Accommodation, and Wellbeing!
Find out more about me Contact Samantha
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