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Warwick Uni.: Yay or Nay

Deciding on a university seems like a Big Deal. And perhaps it is. This means it’s important to pick out the uni. which suits you the best, so to aid your decision, I’ve broken down what Warwick is really like. Good luck selecting, I hope to see you soon! (Don’t forget Warwick is a top ten uni.)!




For those of you who have applied, you probably already know the University of Warwick is a campus-based university. This means all of the buildings are together in one area, just walking distance apart, rather than spread throughout a city. That isn’t to say we’re in the middle of nowhere. Quite the opposite, actually. The city of Coventry is on one side and Leamington Spa is on the other, so from your second year onwards, you get the pleasure of deciding whether you’d like to live in either of these densely populated areas or in the quieter towns/villages of Canley or Earlsdon. Buses are frequent and run until around 3ish on some days, so the transport links are brilliant. Plus, the train station is just a 20-minute bus journey away. Apart from being useful for lectures, the campus is home to shops, cafes/restaurants, sports facilities, the library, a club and most importantly, you. It provides the best of both worlds as you get to experience the tight knit community in first year and then develop your independence thereafter. 




I’m not going to list every single thing we have on campus because I’m pretty sure there’s a list on the main Warwick website, so if you’re really wondering, go and have a peek. I did, however, want to draw your attention to the fact we have many facilities! The main highlights: the humongous library, the Nightline (and general support for mental wellbeing), the oodles of sports pitches, the NEW sports centre (wowee), cycling paths and a borrow-a-bike scheme (think Santander Cycles), lots of green space, lots of workspaces, free cashpoints and, perhaps the most important thing of all, the ice cream truck which sometimes comes on campus during the warmer months.




Being a research-based university, Warwick is brilliant with lab exposure throughout your degree. Although I can’t comment on what it’s like for those studying on main campus, over at Gibbet Hill, you get to spend a lot of times in labs. In your first year, you have labs pretty much every week which allows you to gain a deeper understanding of what you’ve covered in lectures, as well as providing a hands-on break. In second year, the labs dial back a bit and you have around 5, but these are heftier so you’re in labs for a few days per lab (e.g. labs twice a week for two weeks to make up one assessment). Finally, in your third year, compulsory labs come about once or twice, depending on your degree, but if you choose to do so, you can select to have a lab-based research project. Don’t let this scare you because I remember being worried about being left alone without any guidance before I started at Warwick. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reports are a slightly different format to A Level lab reports so there are plenty of demonstrators around to help you out, plus you get give a FAT lab manual to let you know what you need to do. You can’t really go wrong!




The staff at Warwick couldn’t be friendlier. Although some are more smiley than others, I have yet to meet a grumpy lecturer or maintenance person. Using first names got some taking used to (I lie, I’m still not used to it, I deffo prefer saying ‘Sir’ but I shan’t succumb to my old ways)! Everyone always has time to help you with any and every issue, problem, question or query you might have. As for students, we are one of the, if not THE most diverse universities in the country. People come from all over and we take pride in our multiculturalism. Also, appreciate your cleaners, they are amazing. 




Warwick are proud to offer over 200 different societies. This means there is something to suit each and every one of you. The range: the Allotment Society all the way to the Word Society. Last year, I was involved in ladies’ lacrosse, ladies’ hockey, Thai boxing, horse polo, ballroom, salsa, ice hockey and pole. If societies aren’t what you’re after, there are jobs available on campus, such as working behind the bar or as a cashier. 




Reasons why I like Warwick: the on-campus recycling facilities, the green spaces, the woodland area, the lake area, the bluebells, the wildlife. Examples include: duck, geese, bunny rabbits, birds, squirrels… Warwick are conscious about the environment and that’s very important to me, as it should be to you. Of course, improvements can be made but when visiting friends at other universities, I can see Warwick is actually decent. 




I’m not 100% on what’s going on for the new first years, but I know some universities are only letting new students study online and as far as I’m concerned, Warwick isn’t one of them. Say no to keeping out freshers!

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