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Warwick SU Officer Elections

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Looking around campus at this time of year, it’s easy to tell that the time has come for the Warwick SU elections. Cardboard signs are up everywhere- looking a little sad as a result of the snow I’ll admit- and students are out in droves campaigning for their favourite candidates.

I remember when I visited Warwick on a Offer Holder Open Day around this time three years ago now and was impressed by the amount of campaigning being done on campus. I’d never seen an SU elections campaign before, so the colourful cardboard redecorations and students out leafleting were really memorable in my visit- it was great to see student democracy in action at Warwick even before I was a student here.

The seven sabbatical officers elected each spring are students who take a year out of their studies to work full time alongside the SU staff to preside over the department they were elected into. Alongside these seven full time positions, there are also a handful of part time positions to be elected, students who represent various student demographics within the SU and university alongside their studies.

Whoever gets to be our SU officers for the next year have the potential to change your university experience entirely- from sports to democracy and development, the roles up for election over the next few days will affect every aspect of your life. In the recent past, the SU officers have campaigned successfully to open the library for 24-hours, improve the bus service provided by Stagecoach, and introduce the lecture-free freshers week as of next year.

Being a third year has meant I’ve been a lot more invested in this year’s elections compared to previous years- people I’ve actually met, and have known since first year, are running rather than it being the usual crowd of fairly anonymous faces, with one person in particular being someone I’ve known through mixed netball since the very beginning of my time at Warwick. It’s great to have more of an insight into the campaigning process watching friends run for the positions, and it is a big reminder that anyone can take the position- not just those people that seem to show up during election week who you’ve never seen before.

Voting is open now, and I definitely recommend you take a few minutes out of the next few days to head to the SU website and have your say! When you go to the SU page it will automatically ask if you’ve voted, if not, just click on the link to the elections page and follow the instructions from there. If you haven’t heard a lot from the candidates for a given role, or don’t know what each candidate stands for, all of their manifestos are available on the voting site so you can check those out before you vote to give you a better idea of who you want to vote for.

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