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Warwick Student Union Buddy Scheme

As I am sure some of you have heard the SU have created a buddy scheme this year. The aim of the scheme is to match a first-year student with a current undergrad student, so you have someone to speak to and get advice from.

Why I got involved?

I joined the buddy scheme this year because (as you’ve probably heard/read many many times) this year has been a truly unprecedented year. Whether this is for new students or returning. We’ve all joined this brand-new space where we’re not 100% sure of what the best thing to do is. As a returning student I had a vague idea of what was going to happen but for a new student who was coming to university for the first time I could only begin to imagine some of the worries that would be going through their heads.

I thought joining the scheme would be a good way for me to help students who were joining campus for the first time. I could provide advice on how to make friends in a virtual setting or even how I was going to organise my time to make sure I complete all of my online studying.

It was also a way for me to meet new people. It is a lot more difficult to meet new students on campus this year and I thought this would be a good start.

Why you should take advantage of it?

Some of you will have signed up for the buddy scheme as a buddy participant. I think the main thing I would say is that – no question is a silly question! We all know what it feels like being at the beginning of our first year and having no clue as to where we should go for certain activities and who the best people to go to are. Trust me – we’ve all been there. I would say take your buddy relationship as the person you can go to whenever you have a question that you don’t want to ask anyone else. After all, they’ve signed up for a reason and they’re there to help you settle in.

Your buddy is also a good way to get involved with all the different events that are going on around campus. They might be part of lots of different societies so they can tell you about the virtual/socially distant social events their societies are holding. This is always a good way to meet new people and you won’t feel awkward because you will already know one person there.

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