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Warwick Sport: from the perspective of a very non-sporty person

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

It’s probably kind of shameful that I’d never stepped foot inside the Sports Centre until a couple of weeks ago, other than when the hall was being used for Societies Fair. I’ve never been into sports of any kind, but just before I came to university I assured myself that I would take advantage of the sports facilities on campus and change that. I didn’t think that I would suddenly become an all-star athlete, but I thought I’d join a couple of classes, maybe use the gym every once in a while.

Somehow, that didn’t happen. Really, I had no excuse considering my accommodation, Arthur Vick, was a mere five minute walk away from the Sports Centre, but it didn’t happen. A large part of it was due to me regarding the membership prices as really expensive, but that’s only because I was looking at it as one big chunk of money in one go rather than breaking it down into the monthly price, at which point you realise it’s actually not unreasonable at all. I believe there is also now a much friendlier option to pay by monthly direct debit which I either wasn’t aware of, or didn’t exist when I first looked. Admittedly, it is still quite a lot of money, there’s no hiding that. But for what you get from the facilities, it’s actually not bad at all and certainly not any more expensive than any other gyms I’ve come across.

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that suddenly I was finishing second year and once again feeling very guilty about the lack of regular (read: any) exercise in my life so I decided to gently try and get back into it. However, I didn’t feel ready to make a big commitment, and the memberships run according to the academic year so that would be a bit pointless at this time. You can go in to use the facilities on a pay-as-you-go basis, but I also wanted a little more motivation than that.

That’s when I saw that Warwick Sport do a great offer where you can get a one-off month’s membership, giving you inclusive access to the swimming pool, sauna and gym for just £25. That didn’t seem bad at all to me for a one-off thing, and meant that I could explore the facilities as much as I wanted within the month – and hopefully feel a little healthier for doing so!

I haven’t ventured into the gym yet as I’m always a little intimidated by others who look so serious and committed compared to me (errrr, what does this machine do again?) but I’m sure I will build up the courage to do so soon! Instead, I’ve been favouring the swimming pool, which is a 6 lane 25m pool. The first time, I took my friend along for company, who put me to shame with her competitive swimming background versus my don’t-worry-I’m-not-going-to-drown-but-I-never-really-learnt-how-to-do-this-stroke-properly flailing, but despite that I actually had a lot of fun! The water was a really nice temperature and I liked that part of the pool was blocked off for lane swimming and part for general swimming so that I didn’t feel like I was getting in the way of those who wanted to take it more seriously than me. There’s a really handy timetable on the Warwick Sports website which shows you what is going on in the pool when so that you can plan your visit too. It felt really good to get back in the water after a long time (I was amazed my costume still fit) and hopefully I will be able to keep it up over next year too!

Warwick Sport offers many different types of membership – Silver Membership which includes access to the swimming pool is £60 for 12 months, which works out at £5 per month. Alternatively, you can use the swimming pool on a pay-as-you-go basis for £3.50 per swim.

Sophie Miller | English Literature and Creative Writing Contact Sophie

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