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Warwick Piazza

Hi everyone!

Hope your exams have/are going well 🙂

As most of you will know; the England vs Russia match took place yesterday *woohoo*

The match was played on the big screen at the piazza:


Located in a central location, lots of people decided to watch the match:


Live webcam of the piazza: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/about/campus/webcam/


Showing our support for England

The big screen play all sorts of things; ranging from sporting events to movies and documentaries. The Wimbledon tournaments will be shown on the screen – no excuse to not watch it considering exams will be over!

The piazza also holds a monthly food market; a variety of local, fresh food:



Being right near the SU, it is likely you will find yourself in the piazza at some point or another; whether to watch something on the screen, visit the food market or simply a spot to catch up with your friends.

Definitely amongst the key features of Warwick!

Shanita 🙂 xo

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