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Warwick Pages to Follow on Social Media

Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

If you are looking to detach from your full, organised student life for a couple of minutes, then this is a blog post for you. I did some research and managed to put together a list of the funniest social media Warwick related pages to put a smile on your face whenever you feel low, depressed, anxious, or lonely. At the end of the day, we decided we wanted to go to uni because education is what makes you grow into the mature, independent, wise adult that you wish to become by the end of it. Warwick has quite some interesting symbols on the main site that makes it stand out from any other campus-based university and for this reason, innovative Warwick students have created social media pages to keep up or to create drama around these symbols- from art collection, wildlife, societies, to library, memes, rowers, etc.

1. The famous White Koan, a sculpture made by Liliane Lijn. According to our uni’s website, Liliane Lijn’s sculptures explore light and motion. At night, White Koan’s rotating ellipses of neon invite people into the arts centre contributing to the welcoming atmosphere of the centre for social and artistic activity. The title of this sculpture is a pun on its shape and the Zen Buddhist concept of a koan – a question without an answer. This relates to meditation and the sculpture promotes peace, calm and thoughtfulness. I honestly miss having the Koan at the Arts Centre (now it is relocated outside the Clinical Trials Unit). I hope that by the end of the first half of 2018 they will relocate it to its previous spot on campus since my graduation is in July and I want to have it as a background for my family picture at the graduation.


2. Warwick Memes. This is a page that you can not miss if you are studying at Warwick. From joking around pop! tickets, accommodation, the Koan being relocated, to the Arts centre being the building you go through for different reasons, Coventry uni, U1 bus, rowing calendar, courses, 9ams, language modules, job applications and more.


3. Warwick Library. Even if this one is not a funny page, it does include news about the library, events, unexpected situations, study happy sessions with biscuits and tea, mindfulness workshops etc.


4. Spotted: The University of Warwick. Similar to the meme page, but I personally think that this one is relatable to more people, as opposed to memes which has a more restrictive target niche market. It posts content around the hangover starter pack, Coventry uni comparisons, exams, u1, rowers, courses, 9ams, jobs and the typical Warwick student and his/her everyday struggles.


5. The Warwick Rowers Calendar. The men’s rowing team at Warwick University have started this calendar in 2009 as a fun way to help fund the sport. Since then, it has not only transformed their club, it has changed their lives. On their Facebook page they post a lot of pictures as previews from their famous calendar and events they go to.


6. The Tab Warwick. The Tab is the national university newspaper. It was launched at the University of Cambridge and has since expanded to over 80 universities in the United Kingdom and United States; its name originates from the word “tabloid” and it contains news about students from all around the UK.


7.Warwick Goose. Honestly, if you are a student at Warwick, it is impossible that you have never seen a goose or multiple geese accompany you to one of your lectures. They also fly and honestly I was terrified by them in my first year. One funny story including geese was from my first year when I went with my boyfriend for a walk around the lake near Bluebell. I fell whlist running from a goose and just imagine: I HAD WHITE JEANS ON. It was horrible. On a positive note, the facebook page is quite funny and the creators are impersonating geese as actual human beings so what could actually be wrong in that?


8. The Boar News. The boar is similar to The Tab, except The Boar is the university’s actual newspaper society. If you have any stories or want to write for Boar News you can email: news@theboar.org


Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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