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Warwick Girls Can!

Apart from teaching beginners tap and climbing the library stairs, I do not do enough exercise. It is something I want to do more of though; I mean Warwick has loads of sports clubs and a massive sports centre right in the middle of campus, so there is really no excuse to not get involved with sports! So, since last week was Warwick Girls Can week, in partnership with Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign, I decided to swallow my nerves and try out some of the free classes that were on offer.

On Friday, I attended “Let Loose”, which was a class run by CMD (Classical and Modern Dance), and involved us trying out some new styles of dance. It was a dynamic and vibrant session, with us all learning a short lyrical piece as well as a commercial/jazz style dance. Although I have a dance background, I still felt challenged by the new styles of dance, and I came away with a newfound respect for the dancers – classical and modern dance is a lot harder (especially on your knees) than the members of the society make it look!

As well as having a great time, I was also really proud of myself that I attended a session, on my own, that was on the edge of my comfort zone. I think the fear of not knowing what to do coupled with what people will think of me is what has put me off using the sports centre more, but participating in the dance class put all those worries at ease! It’s definitely made me more confident about doing more classes.

This weekend, I also decided to stride well outside of my comfort zone and do a judo session, run by the Judo club! After putting on our gi and belts, we learnt how to roll and fall safely, and then moved on to throwing people. I have never done anything remotely similar to this before, but I was made to feel very welcome, and really enjoyed the class. It was really nice to do something completely alien to me; I felt like I learnt so much and the session helped me to take some productive time away from revision. I’m also thinking of going back for some sessions in the future, so watch this space!

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