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Warwick: Firm or Insurance?

Well done!! You’ve got this far! You have your offers and now you must decide which Uni will be your firm choice and which Uni will be your insurance. The first thing I’ll say is DON’T RUSH!

I had a quick check through the UCAS website before writing this to make sure I’m not sprawling wrong information to you, if you’re last decision was received on or before the 31 March you still have until the 4 May to make your decision, which is plenty of TIME to revisit the courses and university options.

Two things to consider:

1) Is the course right for me? At this point you’ve picked and set your heart on a certain discipline to spend the next three or maybe four years studying and will probably get not so shabby at. BUT! Each department will have a slightly different style of teaching and how they set the course so please check out the websites and even send an email or two out if you’re unsure about the type of material you’ll be studying.

Plug to the Warwick Chemistry department website to check out for any potential Chemists out there:


2) Is the University right for me? To be honest, I’d say this is the more important one out of the two! Having visited a few of my friends at their Universities, I can tell you they come in all different shapes in sizes! Do you want campus? Where things are typically much closer together and living on campus results in a five-minute walk to lectures (Shout out to Whitefields) being a breeze. Or would you feel more comfortable in a city Uni like Manchester where to get from one end to the other needs a bus service. Both definitely have their ups and downs and it’s very much a decision which comes down to your personal preference. I chose Warwick, a campus Uni and it was the right decision for me. Having everything on campus within walking distance is a commodity I miss now being a 2 year and living off campus. PLEASE visit the Uni, this is an absolute must!! There is no better way to see if a Uni feels right for you then to visit. If you’re busy on the open days which the University departments arrange then just come down when you’re free, you won’t get the full experience of an open/ admissions day but it is better than not gong at all! Below is a link to the Warwick Chemistry department page which has much more information for potential students/ Chemists:

I’m not here to say you should chose Warwick as your firm or insurance choice, as for some people that will not be the right decision for you. But for me it certainly was! I picked Warwick has my firm choice after visiting the department on an admissions day which the department organises and getting that yes on results day was an incredible feeling. Whatever you decide, take your time and work hard this Easter and examination period and as always best of luck!

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