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Warwick changed me!

After I came to Warwick at the end of September 2017, I began living a completely different life. It was connected, firstly, with the country I had moved to; secondly, with the fact that I started living alone; and, lastly, with my new daily routine. I feel like all the changes I have experienced so far have helped me to improve myself.


Living independently is quite new for me for sure. Doing cleaning, washing, cooking isn’t difficult for me personally, as I got used to this really fast.


I suppose that living on campus makes you more sociable even if you do not do much for that. As a matter of fact, all the students stay in a great community where you can be in contact with so many people across cultures. First people you meet here are, probably, those who you are living and studying with. (I actually recommend freshers to use the opportunity of living on campus during the first year to meet people and get used to a new life). Moreover, during the first two months, it seems like literally everybody is chilling, at least in Terrace Bar (on-campus), for instance. This is the place where you can go to easily even if you are under 18 years old. I remember that in the beginning I met a great number of foreigners studying different courses at Warwick as well as the University of Coventry. You are always in a society, you are always around people. To my mind, this is the biggest benefit of studying on campus!


Since the time I have moved to the UK, I definitely became more productive. Now I can easily manage my timetable, prioritise tasks. I complete more duties in a day. I left some tips how to be productive in the previous blog.


Since I had to cook for myself all the time, I was thinking about my meal properly. The atmosphere around me stimulated me to begin eating much healthier, and now I’m fully able to control my meal. In addition, running around campus became my daily routine. I have never tried running routes that are presented on the maps all over the campus. I usually run through sport pitches to the Diamond Wood statue, and then to Kenilworth.


Back at home I had been looking forward to finally come to the UK. And now I study at Warwick, one of the best universities in the whole world! Not everybody gets such an opportunity! And I’m happy to have one! I’m sure that now I smile much more than before!

Work hard and achieve your goals!

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