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One thing you will quickly discover at Warwick is how much the university, students and the statistics department focuses on careers. I went to university with pretty much the same idea that I guess a lot of students have; do a maths degree to then work somewhere in finance, what I originally assumed would be a bank. I had no idea about careers and how to get my CV out there. It’s only thanks to the support I’ve received that I’ve been successful (so far).

Arriving at Warwick you are bombarded with career’s events. There isn’t a night where the Maths lecture rooms are free for the first 5/6 weeks. Most of these are ran and organised by student societies with a wide focus to the most niche fields. For instance you could be talking as wide as the Warwick Finance societies to something narrow as the Warwick Risk and Actuarial society. A wide range of firms come to talk to students as Warwick is so highly targeted in Finance – on my internship last summer 3/9 were Warwick students. PwC for example recruits more students from Warwick than any other university. MORSE, although only offered at Warwick, is the fifth most populous degrees among actuaries (behind Maths, Actuarial Science, Physics and Chemistry). The student body really is fantastic here with so many events happening all year round. Even if you don’t choose to join a society and get involved organising events, make sure to take advantage of the opportunities presented by them.

The careers service is a university ran service that helps all students with applications. They have a website where a long list of internships are posted and you can apply from there – if you have no idea about what to do then that would be a great place to start. They also have a campus presence where you can go to talk to advisors who can talk you through where and what to apply to and how to improve a specific aspect of an application. For instance, I went to a CV workshop where an advisor talked me through how I was organising my CV wrong and where to focus on. It was a major help because I’d never really produced a professional CV before and I really had made some basic errors! There’s also a MORSE specific advisor who’s an expert in the fields that MORSE students usually apply to.

The statistics department is also a vital tool for student careers because of their contacts. These are usually in smaller firms that you wouldn’t necessarily find on a normal student careers website who email the department looking for potential employees. For instance a friend of mine is working for a small statistics consultancy this summer (employs less than 10 people). But he knew to apply because of the correspondence the firm had with our department.

I think the career support at Warwick is truly exceptional. I came as a student with no clue about what I really wanted to do. Thanks to a wide range of people I’ve secured my third internship. The support at Warwick is out there, it’s up to you to go out there and find it and make use of it.

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