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Warwick campus – what makes it different to everywhere else

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena


From my previous experience as a 1st year Student living on campus, whilst also visiting my friends studying in the UK and living in off-campus halls, there are certain perks of living on campus at Warwick, which I thoroughly enjoyed. While many of my friends living in bigger cities such as London or Manchester were looking for accommodation options which were closer to the main site or their course building, which is not a problem if you are a 1st-year student at Warwick. Warwick has a policy of having enough spaces on campus for all 1st Year Students at all courses and that means: picking your preferred hall room based on your budget, the type of bathroom you would like to have (en-suite or shared), the number of persons on a floor/ in a house/ in a block, the number of weeks you have to pay for renting it, or the walking distance from the hall to the building you have classes in. It is safe to say that except Westwood room owners you will be all fine with the walking distance, as the majority of Warwick accommodation places are extremely close to the main site.

A really important perk of living on campus at Warwick is that you are not requested to pay any deposit to secure your accommodation. A lot of my friends had a deposit of around £400 to pay before the beginning of the year, some kind of insurance that you will be coming to the university. Obviously, they were given the money back at the end of the academic year/ contract, though I still do not get the whole idea of this. We are students, we do not have jobs, most of us are even international students who have no kind of work experience whatsoever. Universities should be really aware of this important subject.


Another perk is having one bill that covers everything: rent, meals, internet, cable, electricity, water, garbage. Meals are not included at Warwick which means that we have to cook for ourselves, but there are many restaurants and cafes close by, a grocery store on campus and even a Tesco 15 minutes away. Our campus is truly like a small village with everything you need at hand.

uni house

All Warwick accommodation facilities are well-maintained, cleaned once or twice a week and they have a maintenance staff is ready to respond immediately when repairs are needed. This is not the case with off-campus accommodation when everything depends on the landlord and your own household’s tasks. You have to clean up your room, while also taking turns on the kitchen cleaning, living room cleaning, and bathroom cleaning.


As for studying, you may have loud housemates that want to party and do not care about your schedule and needs and you may have to commute to the campus’ designated places to study instead of staying in your own room or house. This is not the case with on campus living. You can easily go to the library quiet spaces or Rootes or the University House to find the silence that you need in order to focus on studying.

Elena Sandu
Elena Sandu | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Elena

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