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Warwick Business School SSLC–What’s gone down?

Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who don’t know what the Student and Staff Liason Committee is, it is a committee comprising students, who represent their respective courses and WBS staff, set up, to raise concerns brought up by the students and initiate change and vital reform.

It is a great opportunity to be a a part of as you can be the voice of your student body and bring to the table any issues or problems students are facing. The work committment is quite moderate, with there being four-five meetings every term. Apart from work, there are socials and fund things, we do throughout the year–the most recent one being our mannequin challenge! You can nominate yourself and the two students who garner the most votes win. There are two students representing the course every year and nominations open every year end of october.

The most important event of the year is the module fair, where you get to represent a module of your choice and advise prospective students about their various module choices.

I wanted to use this platform to share with you how far we have come and the most important things we have achieved till now.

After receiving positive feedback last year, we are going to continue with the same format of the module fair. To elaborate, the whole undergraduate space is going to have different stalls, with each stall representing a module department. This year, however, we have decided to introduce live streaming. This streaming is going to take place in frequent intervals, to attract more attendees. It is completely free to attend and you can get all your questions answered honestly from students who have studied those modules. You should definitely stop by and not miss out on this excellent opportunity!

Year after year, we receive complaints from students as to there not being a eating space for undergraduate students, while the postgraduates have access to their own exclusive eating space. Students, sometimes, have even been asked to leave the undergraduate WBS space or the café and sometimes even the building entirely, when they’ve been seen having hot food inside. This year, the issue was raised again, and after all our combined efforts, we are proud to announce that WBS has agreed to the establishment of a new eating atrium, installed with microwaves, exclusively for undergraduate students where students can eat peacefully and relax.

To ensure lecture attendance, it was discussed to monitor attendance in lectures, and take into account severe absense in the academic record, but this was quite a contraversial issue. Lecture capture is available for most modules and some students prefer to listen to these than attend their lectures, as they feel they can watch and understand the concepts in their own pace. Thus it was eventually argued that students are independent enough to make their own decisions and if students need to prioritise other work commitments over these lectures, it is up to them.

International Management and Business students, many of whom, opt for a work placement in a foreign country, are sometimes hung out to dry, as they are not able to seek appropriate work opportunities, as the deadlines for some companies are extremely early in the year. On their year abroad forms, though, they have already mentioned, that they are going to be working, and so, if they are unable to find the work placement of their choice, they lose out on getting a good study placement. Unfortunately, deadlines, cannot be changed, as these are set by global multinationals, and so the best thing to do is to best make use of the career resources available at the Warwick Business School. It is a good starting point to consult a one-one career advisor at the WBS Careers team as early as possible. Employers who took in former warwick students, wish to continue their partnership with Warwick and wish to continue recruiting more warwick students. Thus, its a good idea, to talk to former warwick students to leverage these existing links.

We realised alot of students are still not aware of who their course representatives are and so it has been agreed to create an informative tab on the my.wbs platform, which all students have easy access to, so that students can easily contact their course representatives if they want to make their voice heard.

We also realised that all business school students should be aware of the happenings of the SSLC and so we decided we are going to share with the student body the minutes of every meeting so it is aware of the progress we are making. Other ideas, discussed were, creating a survey, every once in a while, so undergraduates, who wish to remain anonymous, can also be reached out to. They can provide us with suggestions and feedback, and we, the course representatives can go through these and have an informal meeting with whoever from the student body is interested, to bring up common points from the survey, hear other suggestions and come up with solutions to any problems being faced. These can be then raised in our weekly SSLC meetings.

Some concerns were raised which are under development and would lead to long-term reform, if gone ahead with. These are the following:-

1. Rooms that could be booked for online video interviews, to create a more professional setting, as students find it dificult to take an interview in a professionally lit room with a white wall in the background. It will undoubtedly require investment, as it will result in the establishment of cubicles, and sound proof walls, and so might take some time before it is developed.

2. Due to the large number of consecutive lectures on certain days, that are located all over campus, some students’ learning experience is hampered as they find themselves sitting at the back of the class. Moreover, not all lectures are recorded which makes it even harder for them to keep up with the work afterwards. It was suggested to introduce live streaming or to make an effort to record all the lectures.

3. The grading system for a lot of modules could be changed from soley focusing on 100% examinations to having more assessments and tests throughout the year. Seminar participation could also derive a certain percentage of the mark.

4.Many students would like more explanation on essay writing techniques because they do not know how to improve their grades. In fact, every teacher has different expectations when it comes to essay writing, which is why it is necessary to make this clear before every assignment. It was suggested that teachersshould give feedback that is standardised yet personalised. An idea of a form that checks off the marking criteria could be a possibility, followed by personliased feedback.

5. Even though the careers team has introduced Assessment day practice, students still need more test resources, and the careers team or even WBS at large are in talks of organizing some workshops to introduce students to Psychometric Testing.

6. Students, especially international business students, studying a language module, have raised issues regarding timetabling. Alot of the times, students are forced to change their optional modules, because they have a timetabling clash with their language module. These timetabling clashes are only made aware to them later in the term, when majority of the modules, which interested them, are already filled up, and so they need to take whichever module is available. The WBS staff committee has ensured to liase with the language centre, to improve the timetabling in the coming years.

Those are some of the most relevant and important reforms and discussions that have been brought forward by the course representatives. If any of you from the business school have any suggestions to add or concerns to raise, do not hesitate to get in touch with me via facebook, or your respective course representatives and they will be happy to help!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


Manya Kalia
Manya Kalia | International Management Contact Manya

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