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One of the first facts I learnt during my Warwick Ambassador training was that Warwick Arts Centre is the largest arts centre in the Midlands, and the largest centre of its kind outside of London. Now, that is a pretty impressive fact, especially as the Arts Centre is right on our doorstep!

Throughout this year I’ve tried to take advantage of what the Arts Centre has to offer, and have been to a show by WUDS (Warwick University Drama Society), two MTW shows (Musical Theatre Warwick) and visited the cinema a few times, but I have barely scraped the bottom of the barrel of all that there is! From comedians, to orchestras, to dance troupes, to family fun days, there is an incredible amount of variety on offer!

The is the natural starting point of an Arts Centre, and I was surprised how quickly we are able see new film releases. Along with new films, there are also showings of classics and more niche films. The is situated above the cinema, and after meaning to go all year, I eventually went last week! The Mead Gallery is a contemporary art gallery, and the exhibits change regularly. The current exhibit is all to do with light and colour, and I would really recommend a visit! I’ll definitely go again when there is a new exhibition.

Larger productions are held in the , which is also the setting for graduation and certain exams (including my last exam this year)! In fact, I am going to see the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain perform there in October, which should be really exciting!

What Arts Centre would be complete without a ? This is where Anything Goes by MTW was held, along with the CMD showcase. It’s great that there is a large, professional venue for incoming dance and drama groups, but also great that students are able to hire it for their own productions! Students are also able to use the , which I think is my favourite performance space in the Arts Centre. The WUDS play I saw and MTW’s Cabaret were both in here, and because it’s quite a small venue created a really intimate atmosphere, and meant the audience really felt involved in the performances.

As the Music Centre is housed in the Arts Centre, there is also the , which, amongst other things, can be used as an ensemble room. I don’t really know a lot about the music side of the Arts Centre; perhaps an excuse to go and see some live music?!

Okay, so that’s what is within the Arts Centre, but undoubtedly the best thing about having the Arts Centre on our doorstep is the subsidised tickets for students! Yes, not only can you go to the cinema on the cheap (around £4) but can also sometimes get cheaper tickets for comedians and other external performers! This means there’s no excuse not to go see some performances and truly immerse yourself in the arts!

For more information about what is on at the Arts Centre, visit the website!

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