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Warwick Accomodation vs. Private Landlords

There is a reason why Warwick Accommodation hosts a meeting with the majority of first years to encourage them to find their next home with them, simply because they treat you well and actually want to make sure you are not mistreated. I have been with Warwick Accommodation and now with a Private Landlord and there are a few things you need to keep your eye out for.

Deposits: with Warwick Accommodation, you won’t have to pay a deposit nor any administration fees, and no this is not too good to be true. With other estate agents you are expected to pay a deposit and administration fees, even sometimes the Landlord will request that the first months rent to be paid one month in advance to ensure that the students are committed to the property.

When you move in: Warwick Accommodation will leave appropriate papers in the property and you must follow the instructions given. I suggest that you all organise 1 person to be the one who contacts the landlord or/and Warwick Accommodation. My landlord preferred to be contacted directly instead of through Warwick Accommodation in order to mend any issues at a faster rate. Take plenty of pictures and send them to all your house mates and email them straight away, even C.c your parents into the email not only to keep them updated but also show to the landlord you have got the backing of your parents. But remember you will receive the property as you viewed it, you can’t ask for locks in the internal doors if they weren’t there before.

For Private Landlords, it’s best to organise a meeting with the Landlord and the estate agent and inspect the property together so you can both witness how you found the property. Then record any issues within the property, simple things like a faulty cupboard or something missing is essential because it may be deducted from your deposit.

Meter readings and Wifi setup: both cases I was the first person in my house to set up the utilities and the internet etc. But it’s best to tell everyone in the house how to do these tasks because if you need more information about the meter readings or if the wifi needs resetting at least someone will know how to do it without you there.

Communal essentials: Toilet roll, washing up liquid, bleach, scrubbers, mop, dustpan, bin liners, kitchen roll, cloths, disinfectant spray are some of the few things you should all be splitting between yourselves. I suggest if your house has adequate storage buy in bulk because it’s annoying when you have to keep buying toilet roll. The pack runs out faster than you think. You could also be splitting things like bread and milk and eggs depending on the size of your home. This helps to save fridge space and reduces wasted food because it’s hard for 1 person to finish a loaf of bread in a couple of days. It purely depends on the eating requirements and eating habits in your household. Some landlords provide a toaster, kettle, and microwave so ask about this before you start buying more. TV license, yes it is essential otherwise you’ll get people knocking on your door ready to fine you! It’s a one off payment, just don’t buy chocolate for a week and you will save it back.

happy moving in, and hopefully see some of you around soon, just say hi!

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