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It’s around the time that Warwick offer holders are choosing which accommodation they want to live in during their first year here. If that’s you and you’re struggling to choose, hopefully this blog will help out at least a little as I give a little first hand insight into some of the accommodation blocks.

I lived in Tocil in first year, which was actually the third of my five choices. I was initially desperate for an ensuite room- I couldn’t imagine actually sharing a bathroom with strangers, especially boys, ew. As soon as I moved in I quickly realised that the shared bathroom wasn’t an issue at all. In Tocil during my first year, the bathrooms were cleaned twice a week- as was the kitchen- so it was realistically cleaned more often than my bathroom at home.

I always found during first year that Tocil was overlooked by other students when applying for accommodation, and i’ve never really found out why. It’s a fairly cheap option compared to the other ones available, but is in a great location at the centre of campus (particularly close to the Maths and Computer Science departments which was ideal for me trying to drag myself to my 9ams). While it’s not ensuite, the ratio of bathrooms to people is still really good, with it usually being one toilet between three depending on what size flat you’re in, and I never found myself having to wait for a toilet to be free.

While the kitchen was a little on the small side- I was in a flat of 12, and the kitchens are about the same size for all of the flat sizes- it was still reasonable for every person to have their own cupboard and shelf in the fridges, so I never really struggled for storage space.

Now I’ve finished selling my accommodation of choice, I’ll talk about the accommodations at Warwick more generally. Depending what you want from your first year at uni, there’s definitely somewhere that will suit what you want.

From a ‘party’ point of view, if you’re looking for a more high energy kind of accommodation there are definitely some which are better than others- though obviously it always depends on who you end up living with. Rootes rightly has the reputation of being the party block, with long open corridors connecting the kitchens together so you can not only meet the people in your flat, but basically everyone on your floor. Then there’s Jack Martin and Arthur Vick with their massive kitchens, basically the ensuite equivalents of Rootes for their nightlife.

In Tocil, there was definitely a quieter vibe. Because each flat was pretty self-contained, I didn’t interact much with people outside my flat. Not only that, quite a few of the flats in Tocil are for finalists or postgrads, meaning the Tocil ‘village’ is quieter (not that I’m saying finalists are boring or anything…) so if you’re looking to knuckle down in your first year it’s a really good option for balancing nights out with actually making it to a lecture every once in a while.

The Lakeside/Heronbank/Sherbourne accommodations are all relatively similar, with Sherbourne obviously being a lot newer- and more expensive to boot. They’re all well-kept ensuite accommodations, and Sherbourne was my first choice back when I applied. They’re a little further out than most of the other accommodations- about a 10 to 15 minute walk depending on which block you end up in- and I know some of the people who lived in Sherbourne in first year did wish they were a little closer to central campus- I for one am glad I ended up in the more central Tocil instead.

Anyway, even if I haven’t managed to sell you on the perks of life in Tocil, I hope I’ve at least given you some insight into which accommodation to choose when applying. If you have any more questions, about Tocil in particular or about the accommodation in general, feel free to comment and ask away!

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