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Warwick Accommodation (2): En-suite

So for those of you who don’t mind paying the extra bit and would like to enjoy the luxury of having your own bathroom I have finally been able to get responses for the options offered here for you! This post focuses on the en-suite options here at Warwick – if you missed my last post and would like to know more about shared accommodation, follow this link:


One important thing I didn’t mention in my last post was to look out for let lengths. While most of the options at Warwick cover term-time as well as holidays, not all of them do. If you’re not particularly keen on moving your stuff out during the Easter holidays, and then moving in again for Term 3, make sure you choose options with 39 weeks!

Once again, I’ll leave the link to the university accommodation page here:


I won’t ramble on as I did last time, so here they are!


I am a current student at Warwick staying in Arthur Vick accommodation. I was initially very happy as this was my first choice. It is situated 5 minutes away from the center, in a rather quiet area.

The hall of residence is amongst the most expensive across campus. Having my own bathroom with bath tub was a major good point. I am pleased overall with the size of the facilities, especially the corridors and the kitchen. It is very spacious and well equipped with two fridges and two freezers, two sets of gas hobs with 4 burners each and 2 ovens. Fourteen of us occupy this facility. I believe having so many flatmates is a positive aspect of this accommodation as it allows you to know a wider range of people and their friends across the university. The accommodation is arranged in kitchens, 4 on each floor. Their disposition allows you to meet students from the other kitchens easily.

On a more negative note, I find my room a little too small and find myself having to live with the windows open as I have claustrophobic tendencies. However, the storage there is plenty of storage and shelves. Some rooms face the forest, including mine, which means the light that comes in is limited and therefore, leaves the room dark. As a consequence, I am incapable of working in it and have to result in moving to the grid or the library to do so.


Jack Martin are flats of about 12 people. I think Jack Martin is the cheapest ensuite option on campus so if you’re wanting en-suite but don’t want to pay for options such as Bluebell and Sherbourne, this is a great alternative!


Bluebell is a very nice en-suite accomodation, situated about 5 minutes from central campus, and next to a running path and lake. Named 15th best accomodation in the UK, it’s the most recent accomodation in Warwick. 8 people share a flat and kitchen, and you have plenty of space to store you kitchenware. You have a printer and washing machines downstairs in some of the 4 blocks. Now the perks of being in Bluebell : well it starts with the size of the room ans the double bed, it’s great ! The bathroom is very modern with a huge shower. Walls are thick so you don’t hear anything. Overall it’s really comfy. Major problem for me is that we can’t open wide the windows, so it’s difficult to get fresh air in the kitchen, and we are quite far from the shopping centre where we buy food.


Sherbourne in terms of its amenities is fantastic. We have a large kitchen with floor to ceiling glass windows which allows for a really light and welcoming atmosphere, which I feel other accommodations lack. We are also really fortunate to all have en-suite bathrooms. Although these seem pokey and small, the convenience and luxury of having an en-suite allows you to overlook this. The main inconvenience with Sherbourne is undoubtedly its location (unless you’re a WBS student!). It’s fifteen minutes to Rootes grocery store and about half an hour to Tesco’s, which can be really tiresome. It is however immersed in gorgeous countryside, with fields and running paths to Kenilworth only ten minutes away. This makes it stunning in the summer, and a lovely contrast to the built up campus. The interior is new and modern, and very well kept, making it incredibly comfortable. Although the rooms, similarly with the bathrooms, are arguably quite tight, the upside is that this only makes it more cosy. Overall, I would highly recommend Sherbourne.


Heronbank is quite an expensive accommodation choice, but if you can afford it, it’s a great choice! It is about 7-8 minutes walk to central campus (but the biggest downside, in my opinion, is that it can be about a 20 minute walk to Tesco). The rooms are not as small compared to other accommodation choices on campus and it’s great having your own bathroom and not having to worry about anyone else but yourself, and they’re cleaned every week. There is also a lot of cupboard space in the kitchen (a luxury not many other blocks enjoy!). In terms of location, it’s beautiful. It’s next to a lake, so there are a lot of ducks and geese around, but it’s very pretty. However, if you’re a sociable person who enjoys going out a lot, I don’t think Heronbank would be the best choice as compared to Rootes. If you’re lucky enough to get a loud flat (and you want that), then you get the best of everything, but it is generally quiet. I’m quite a reserved person who doesn’t enjoy nightlife much so it was a good fit for me. I would still completely encourage you to put it down as a choice as you will be bound to make friends with people who live in Rootes and if your flat is quiet, you can just go there for when you want to go out.


Lakeside is near Heronbank, so we’re both a bit similar. Lakeside, is as the name suggests, next to a lake, so there is nice scenery and nature surrounding the block. We also have really good running paths surrounding the accommodation which is a huge plus for me as I am a big runner. There are a lot of freshers but not everyone who lives in Lakeside are undergraduates. My room is a good size and I’m so thankful to having my own bathroom (seeing the state of some people’s bathrooms in some of the shared options can be a bit gross – and I’m a bit of a clean freak!). I think our kitchen is a good size. The biggest downside of Lakeside is that it’s generally quiet. Half of my flatmates are like me and like to go out and socialise regularly, but I barely see the other half. Also, Tesco is really far – Aldi even farther. I don’t mind walking 15-20 minutes to do shopping but it is a bit of a hassle. What some people do however, is get Tesco delivery, which costs £6 but if you just order your food with a few other people, then that can get split up between you, so if you don’t want to make the trip, that’s another option. There’s Rootes grocery store in central campus (which is about a 7 minute walk), but I wouldn’t recommend shopping regularly there as it is quite expensive. Overall, I’m quite happy in my block. I would definitely apply to it if you know you’d like your own bathroom, and you’re a quiet person. If you want somewhere louder, Rootes is the best place for that.

And I hope this post was helpful to any of you prospective students, if you have any questions please comment down below!

– Rana x

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