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Warwick A-Z

Marianna Beltrami
Marianna Beltrami | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Marianna

Warwick A-Z


Instead of working on my dissertation (ugh), I’m going to write what I hope will be a useful insight into Warwick life. Here is the Warwick alphabet. Contains loving irony.

Arts Centre

An honestly amazing place. The biggest of its kind outside of London, it hosts so many great events you’ll lose count. Currently going through exciting renewal (see N).


Whenever someone tells you they live(d) in Bluebell, there will be a short yet overwhelmingly awkward silence. You will smile ironically and say “Oh. Nice” or “Oh. You’re that person” and they will be very smug about it. The reason is that Bluebell is for those who have got their priorities right when choosing how to spend their student loan. Who needs food when you can have a double bed and a huge window facing Rootesian misery (see R)?


Raise your hand if you’ve had to explain to at least 15 people back home why the University of Warwick is actually in Coventry. Moving on.


Stands for two equally important things: Disco Dave and Dirty Duck. The former is the legend that makes Pop, our beloved weekly club night, an actual thing. The latter is our glorious pub which has some sticky tables and a few broken chairs, but we all love it.


i.e. a 10% discount you get on food and drinks at every outlet on campus. Simply top up on the website and give your Student ID to the cashiers to pay. That simple. In fact, I should probably start using it.


A pretty good club. Wink wink.

Goose Nest

I could have stuck to a mere description of ‘geese’, but I decided to spend some time remembering this lost friend/foe. The Goose Nest was a temporary substitute theatre during the first stage of the Arts Centre renewal. Unfortunately, its biggest crime was that it was built where the Koan once was (see K). This act of invasion hurt many hearts indeed. Once it was gone, no one talked about it ever again.


An infamous building, but everyone is kind of fond of it. There is a nice zen-looking garden inside, which is actually a pretty great spot. That said, the long series of corridors will make you want to invent teleportation. You have a seminar there? You will be late.


Am I trying too hard with this? Anyways, make sure you explore our idyllic campus well. Some spots are actual gems. Every season brings something special. My favourite spots are the lakes behind Bluebell, the Lakeside/Heronbank area, and the walk towards Kenilworth.

Jack Martin

Arthur Vick. Oh wait, are they are two different things? 


Our beloved and much worshipped weird rotating sculpture. It is temporarily displaced, so we are getting a whole generation of students who are adapting to life without it, but we are sure it will be back stronger and more rotating than ever. Just bring it home.

Leamington Spa

The posh-looking town 97% of the student population ends up in when it comes to choosing off-campus accommodation. Pretty, aesthetic, and looks good on your Instagram pictures if you want your friends to think you’ve got your life figured out.


Either the English PM who will somehow influence the future of Warwick’s European demographics, or more importantly the month when Eurovision happens. The best time to be on campus. Period.


Our beloved campus is going through an exciting time of renewal. New buildings, new projects, new spaces, new visions, new, new, new! Examples: the Arts Centre 20:20 project, the new Sports Hub opening up in Term 3 (see T), the new Faculty of Arts, new Parking Spaces, new Accommodation (goodbye Cryfield *sigh*). Also, many WMG buildings pop up like mushrooms, leaving many students wondering what WMG is and what it does.


Opened in 2016, it’s the new kid that suddenly becomes the school star. Well deserved: it’s simply a great building. When you see that you have a lecture/seminar/exam there, your eyes become heart shaped. Everything about the Oculus is perfect: from the lecture halls, to the seminar rooms, to the majestic staircase. 


More like P for Predictable. If you’re a current student, I’m sure that you’ve opened this post thinking “I bet she’s going to say P for Pop.” Anticipating this reaction, I desperately tried to find something else, and although I had a few options, I decided it was a hopeless task. Pop is Warwick. Warwick is Pop. You see, I haven’t even been more than once (not strictly the place to be if you’re sober), but what more says Warwick culture than a club night spent on a sticky floor and full of cheesy hits? Pop brings people together.


You will never convince me otherwise, it is thebest night on campus. Pub Quiz at the Dirty Duck, every Thursday at 10pm. Hi Scott.


Causes infinite confusion to new students. Three (!) things carry this name:

(1)  Rootes Grocery Store, the campus supermarket you’ll vow never to go to given its absurd prices, but you’ll end up going to because you are lazy.

(2)  Rootes Building, e.g. the building where Costa, Fusion Bar and the Learning Grid are.

(3)  Rootes the infamous accommodation. Is it just me or it feels like literally everyone lives or has lived in Rootes? Asking for a friend.


I’m sure you’ve all learned by now that we have 250+ societies/clubs. These are very important for the life of an average Warwick student. When you meet someone new, the questions will definitely be: What do you study? Where do you live? What societies are you involved in? There is, quite literally, something for everyone.

Team Warwick

Aka our sports community. Sports is an integral part of Warwick life. Warwick has a vision to become the most active campus in the UK by 2020. A new Sports Hub is coming soon, which I had the privilege to visit recently and let me tell you – it looks fantastic! 


The buses to Leamington. Queues.


A yearly competition against our Coventry Uni rivals that has been going on forever. For a whole weekend in February, campus becomes red and black to support Team Warwick clubs as we challenge Coventry in what is a matter of life and death. By the way, we stand undefeated.

Warwick (the town)

Legends say that it’s a town with a castle. A mysterious allure surrounds this remote place which no student ever dares to go to.


You will spend more time pondering how to pronounce the name rather than actually eating in it. Actually a very good option for special occasions.


You at 9am. 

Zeeman building

Aka the Maths building. I have actually only heard it referred to as Zeeman once. Anyways, Politics student have surprisingly many lectures in it.

Marianna Beltrami
Marianna Beltrami | Politics and International Studies (PAIS) Contact Marianna

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