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Want to be a student blogger? Good idea! Let me tell you why

Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina

Before coming to university, I used to constantly read through blogs from Warwick students and take notes in my mind so that I could be (or at least feel that I am) mentally prepared to face this obscure term whose encyclopedic definition disregards individual experience: university.

Once coming here and being able to shape the term “university” through my own lenses, I realized that, I could very much relate to some of the articles I was reading, which gave me a sense of “I know what I’m doing” and “Good, so I’m not the only one going through this”. However, as expected, there were still situations I experienced which couldn’t be found amongst the articles I was reading because…well…they were mine and mine only. (I know, very deep revelation). This is however very relevant to my reasoning for applying for the student bloggers team. When I heard they are recruiting new members, I didn’t hesitate to apply. Why I applied and why I’m happy I did…you’ll find out right now.

A very obvious reason and perhaps one that unites all the team members is the passion for writing. For me, dropping a few casual lines that don’t imply APA referencing at the bottom of the page is a form of therapy and a way of taking my mind off the daily routine. What’s even better is the versatility of the job. The term “university experience” goes as far as your imagination and lived experience within the university environment, so your borders are the actual events that build up your time and yourself in the years of study. Being involved, passionate about a specific domain, eager to broaden your understanding and keep on exploring equals a lot of potential material to fill up these pages. You don’t need to be too formal, nor can you use the abbreviations from your Instagram DM’s, so take the article as a “meeting a new friend over a coffee and telling them what’s new”. And, as you know, some days are better than others, so make sure you’re honest with your “new friend” (AKA: the reader), as he/she can go through the same experience, so sharing it can very much help one deal with a specific situation.

The phrase above leads to another reason why you should apply for the job and is very much linked to my ‘deep’ revelation from the beginning: the perks of sharing your own experience. Some times, things don’t go according to your plan and you can find yourself surrounded by this nebulosity, not knowing what to do. Here come the bloggers, who, through their own experience and their courage to share it with the readers, can show you how they found “the light at the end of the tunnel”, even if it’s about very sensitive topics like wellbeing, to less taboo topics like: managing academic work and nights out. It is very fulfilling when someone comes to you or drops you a message telling you they can relate to your story or are interested in what you’re writing. As bloggers, have the ability of positively impact other students by just writing down an experience, a perspective, an opinion. I would call myself an “influencer”, but that would sound too fancy…so I keep that for when I’ll publish an article for Vogue.

See what I’ve done in the sentence above? That’s some sort of irony as we all know there’s a long way to go until I’ll catch Anne Wintour’s attention for Vogue. (Hopefully, I’ll manage to get some attention from linguist researchers before). My point here is that, your personality – serious, emphatic, humorous – is embedded in your every single word. Even though some blogs cover the same issues, each of them embodies the writing style and experience of the blogger and it thus becomes unique.

For the last part, some numerical and straight forward reasons to join the team: you’re expected to post a minimum of two blogs or one vlog/month. It takes me 1 to 3 hours to write a post, depending on my disposition and time. It is a job, which means you will be payed – some extra pocked money is always welcomed. To wrap it up with quite a statement, the ‘cherry on top’ reason that appeals to all students is the supreme “it looks good on your CV”.

So, if you are into writing, you want to fill up some of your free time in a productive way and understand the importance of passing on university experience in between generations of students, then you may have actually made it to this sentence and consider applying to be a student blogger – You’ll love it, I’m sure! 

Sabrina Luca | Language, Culture and Communication Contact Sabrina
  • Anonymous

    How can we become a student blogger?


    • Community Help

      The best way to apply is firstly through your department. It may be that they have bloggers already and they will not be recruiting more during this academic year. However, if they are looking for bloggers they will be able to get in touch with the central marketing team who will be able to start the appointment process.


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