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Volunteering Fair!!

Hi everyone! Hope you’re all having a brillaint freshers week and are all settling into university life. I’m sure many of you have already been to the Sports, Societies and Freshers Fairs so I bet you’re getting tired however tomorrow is the Volunteering Fair and I’m going to tell you why I would really recommend going!

Firstly…….I’ll be there (I know, you’re sold already ;)) This year I am a Project Leader for a volunteering group called ‘Activiteas’ with another student and we are running about 4 sessions this term. The project involves visiting a residential home in Leamington Spa and spending a couple of hours playing board games, eating some food whilst having a cuppa! I know, what’s not to love haha! This year we are going all out and having a Halloween Quiz, Movie Night, Carol Singers and our first ACTIVITEAS SOCIAL!!! We have an introductory meeting next Wednesday in the Oculus OC1.07 at 12pm so come along to find out what is involved or for more information come to the fair tomorrow! We will have a stall set up in the Panorama Room in Rootes Building next to costa. The fair starts at 10 and finished at 15:30 so we will be there all day handing out flyers and we might have a few cheeky snacks 🙂

Secondly, (sorry, I will stop talking about my project haha) you don’t actually have to join anything! That’s the great thing about volunteering, it’s all down to you and whether you want to get involved or not. You may just want to have a browse at what is available or you might be going on behalf of a friend. Either way it doesn’t matter but definitely check out what is going on because there is so much you can get involved in! Warwick Volunteers also have one-off sessions for if you miss the fair or don’t have enough time to commit to volunteering. These are one-off sessions that don’t expect any commitment afterwards, so they are really flexible.

Thirdly, the impact that volunteering can have on your future! It looks brillaint on your CV because it shows another side to your personality and highlights a willingness to help others. You learn a whole bunch of new skills that you can brag about in any interviews. We are frequently told that employers are keen to see if you’ve done any volunteering because it shows that you can balance education and extra curricular activities. Plus you can meet a whole range of new people and even become a Project Leader, which also looks great because there is a lot of organisation and planning involved in running a group (which I have found out in these last two weeks ;)).

Finally, its really fun and you can change someone’s life! Many people won’t really see the point in volunteering or think that it is really boring but I bet there is something at the fair that catches your eye! And whatever project that you get involved in, you have the potential to really make an impact and contribute to a cause that you are really passionate about. The best way to approach volunteering is to go to any taster sessions for projects that you like the look of because that way you are not committing yourself and it gives you a chance to find out if you enjoy it!

Tomorrow volunteering groups will ask for your email, don’t worry this doesn’t mean you have signed up it just means that you will receive updates and notices about introductory/taster sessions so just put your email down even if you’re not sure because there is no harm in doing it. If you want more information about Warwick Volunteers then visit this website: www2.warwick.ac.uk/about/community/volunteers or email the volunteers office: volunteers@warwick.ac.uk and they will answer any questions that you have! I hope this has convinced you all to come tomorrow because I remember being a fresher and getting involved with the volunteers and I have had an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone 🙂 any questions feel free to email me: mel_1996_100@hotmail.com

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