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Volunteering, bonfire night and more….

Hi everyone……it’s week 5! What? Well now that Halloween is over we can start talking about BONFIRE NIGHT (and Christmas, not that I’m excited ;))

So there are quite a few exciting events coming up but before we talk about them I just wanted to fill you all in on the volunteering organisation I have recently got involved in. For freshers, don’t worry if you haven’t signed up for anything this year, neither did I, but 2nd and 3rd year is perfect for it because it looks great on your CV if you are applying for interships, plus it’s a great chance to meet new people. Every year there is a volunteering fair usually held in Rootes Building above Bar Fusion. I went there and have a nosey round the different organisations to see what kind of volunteering I would be interested in. This year, I have joined ‘Activiteas’, this involves visiting a residential home in Leamington Spa and spending some time with the people that live there. It is perfect for my schedule because there are only about 3 sessions per term, including one near Christmas, which is filled with lots of festive fun and games. I took part in the first session last week, we all met up and the exec had hired a coach that took us into Leamington and dropped us outside the residential home. We set up a variety of different board games, had a spread of food and spent the afternoon chatting and laughing with the residents. I had such a lovely time, I met some lovely people (including volunteers) and can’t wait for the next session to come. I highly recommned students getting involved in some sort of volunteering activity, it really is a great break university, it isn’t time consuming and you may end up having loads of fun! I hope this is useful info about volunteering but please email me if you need anything clarifying or email Warwick Volunteers (also check out their website for upcoming events).

Next, Bonfire Night! I don’t know about all you lot but I absolutely love bonfire night as its a great time of wrap up warm, grab some food and watch a gorgeous firework display. This year, me and my flatmate are going to Kenilworth bonfire, which is held right next to Kenilworth Castle! Having gone last year I can tell you a little bit about how it all works. I recommend buying your tickets online at Kenilworth Round Table’s website as tickets cost more when you buy them on the night. There are buses that take you into Kenilworth and basically just follow the crowd as there will be loads of people wandering towards the action. There are a whole line of different food trucks with burgers, donuts, hot drinks, etc, for you to choose from and then you all stand on the hill and watch the firework display. There were lots of little bonfires set up across the field near where the fireworks are lit so you can’t go near for safety reasons. I recommend wearing old shoes or wellies as it can get pretty muddy. Basically, this is a great opportunity for you and your friends to get off campus or out of the house, explore Kenilworth a bit (such a cute village) and have some fun!

Also, a quick note about Study Abroad for Sociology students. So study abroad is avaliable for 2nd year students, possibly 3rd year but don’t take my word on that, more information is on the study abroad website on the sociology page. I am interested in studying in another country however haven’t made my mind up yet but I am going to the meetings which are generally held around November I would recommend first years going as it is a chance to find out what opportunities may be available in your 2nd year! There is a meeting for sociology students Wednesday 16th November in SO.52 at 2:30 so definitely go and check it out. I will keep you guys updated as to my plans in relation to study abroad but it does sound like a fantastic opportunity, especially for sociology students wanting to understanding different cultures!

I hope this blog has been helpful, as always you are welcome to email me with any questions and I will try and answer them to the best of my ability! Hope you’re finding uni great fun and now we can all start getting excited for CHRISTMAS!


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