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Volunteer experiences with Warwick RAG

I have been a volunteer since year 1. The volunteer information was always provided by Warwick RAG, which will post many volunteer events on their website.

First volunteer – Kenilworth bonfire nightThe first volunteer I joined was the Kenilworth bonfire night, and I supported the event. I was at the ticket point and helped audiences get into the event. The work provides me with the experience of maintaining order and letting the audience enter the event area.

During the night, I met many new friends from Warwick RAG and watched the bonfire with them. The members of the groups are all super friendly and supportive. If I have another opportunity to volunteer again, I will join; I highly recommend spending time volunteering with friends and watching the stunning bonfires.

Second volunteering – The Birmingham Big Sleepout The second volunteer that I joined was the Birmingham sleep, which is usually held around Black Friday.

Birmingham sleep out is held by St Basils, the oldest, longest-running event of its kind in the world. The purpose of the event is to challenge yourself to sleep outside for a night and experience homeless could feel like sleeping outside on a freezing December night. We also help raise money for the community and hope to help a little for the homeless.

St. Basils work with young people to support the homeless. During the event, from 6 pm to 6 am, they provide you with some cardboard to have a closer experience as a homeless. We only had sleeping bags and cardboard; we felt the cold and froze. We only experienced one night, but homeless people live under this kind of weather the whole winter. Through the experience, I learn how the homeless feel and what they need to live outside in the bad weather; furthermore, I have a memorable experience with friends.

Volunteering might be something that you want to do when you retire. But maybe you can start it when you are young, to have more opportunities to learn and build confidence in the other way. Before, I never thought I would start volunteering early. I thought that would be something I would do at the end of my life.

However, Warwick RAG brought me here to help others and helped me start a different lifestyle. Helping others and giving support to someone who needs help is always an important life lesson. Understanding their feelings and challenges and giving them a hand can also be vital to them, and you also gain something back.

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