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Voluntary Work – why should student volunteer.

There are many benefits to volunteering but firstly decide which area/sector you would like to be involved in as you can meet like-minded people.

Volunteering is good for your CV. Furthermore potential employers look closely at this section when it is included in your CV.

With regards to mental health is it an excellent coping strategy for stress, anxiety and depression, moreover it can improve your physical health and increases your self-confidence and self -esteem.

I have found that I have gained and developed new skills and met new people and is a fantastic tool for networking. In addition whoever you meet who don’t know who they know too!

Below are a few opportunities for you to consider with a link their website. There are other opportunities available. In addition to these I volunteer for a theatre group, the NHS, Warwickshire Wildlife trust and MIND (the mental health charity.

Good luck, there is a whole new world you can discover out there.



To provide additional training and experience for local people to enable them to increase their skills and impact on their employability.

To provide a personal touch to meet the event management, training delivery and volunteer management needs for a wide range of organisations by combining a professional, community and customer focused approach to ensure a high-quality outcome.




  • Use of recording equipment
  • Operating a studio
  • Microphone techniques
  • Putting a show together.

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